:: fall is coming

Though today's temps don't feel too much like fall....
this little crepe myrtle is shouting LOUD & PROUD that fall is on it's way.

Are you ready?

I sure am...

In fact, I met yesterday with my landscaper to discuss changing out some of the trees & shrubs around our new home, fall is the perfect time for planting trees & shrubs after all.  I spent more time today researching & gathering ideas for trees & shrubs, some are old favorites that I'll plant anywhere I ever go & others are new suggestions & plants I would love to add to my gardens.

 Wanna have a peek at some of my {old favorites}?


Lagerstoemia indica x fauriei 'Natchez'

WHY I LOVE THEM: white blooms all summer long, & beautiful mottled bark.

Loropetalum chinense 'Suzanne'

WHY I LOVE THEM: pink fringe blooms in spring & year round color. I prefer them in their natural shape like above, so it's important to choose the right variety for your space.


WHY I LOVE THEM: { THE DOG OF COURSE ;D } the best butterfly bush for smaller spaces, the lovely lilac color, and a fragrance like honey { no wonder the butterflies love em' } 

I planted 16 of these lovelies last fall at my old house,  I hated leaving them : (  but at least they were blooming when I planted them so I could enjoy them. Now I'm going to plant more : ).

Leaving my gardens was really one of the hardest parts of moving besides leaving friends. Who am I kidding, it was like leaving my babies behind. I picked and planted most of what was in my landscape, & I loved every plant. I watched them grow each year for 10 years & I handed them over to someone else when they were finally old enough to really enjoy....kinda like marrying off your children I suppose {ha ha just kidding...sort of I do have teenagers right now}. Though it's a little sad to have to start over, it's also very exciting to create new gardens again. I don't know if I'll be here to enjoy them long term, but I sure have fun planting & watching them grow.

peace, love & hugs
Carrie Ann
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