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This is just a fun little share, so please excuse my less than professional I phone photos. I usually completely forget to snap a before photo, but since this whole design started with a text from my oldest daughter around 8:30 last night including a before pic we're good to go.  

We started out exchanging texts and photos of her living room, she needed a little help with arranging & hanging some items above her sofa & pulling her home together in preparation for listing it on airbnb. After sharing several images & throwing out ideas via text, I decided it would be much easier if I just drove over & helped in person. So an hour later like any mom would do at 9:30 at night ... I jump in my car & head her way ready to relieve some of her stress and anxiety.

Luckily she has some really great items for me to work with, so within a few minutes I had grabbed various items from around her home to use for a little collection above the sofa. We had a great bull skull purchased at a Flea Market,  floral artwork { Target }, large rattan mirror { Target }, clock from  { Ikea }, and the large hammered metal "A"  I had given her as a gift from  { TJMaxx }. 

I simply arranged the items on the floor in front of the sofa. She approved of the arrangement and we began hanging the items on the wall just as I had them placed on the floor. Super easy & we were done probably within 15-20 minutes of my arrival. I removed the afghan from the back of the sofa, fluffed up the pillows, added another table, lamp & rug from another room & voila we had a cool cohesive & pulled together look. I think it's perfectly eclectic & boho chic.

We continued moving and rearranging items around her home until around 1:00am. We still have some other little projects to tackle to get her place ready for airbnb, but she & I were very happy with the end results... I would certainly be happy to stay here for a visit, how about you?

More pics to come, and soon she will have a nice place for you to stay if you ever come for a visit to the Queen City, Charlotte NC.... any Panther's fans out there :).

{ peace, love & a hug }
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