:: my favorite rug pad

Since moving into our new home, rugs & rug pads have become very important....
especially good ones that do what they are supposed to & actually hold a rug in place. 
With wood floors in nearly every room in the house minus two baths, plus two very energetic dalmatians who think it's their job to ruffle my rugs {especially this round woven rug at the bottom of our stairs}. Cooper {our big puppy} loves to leap from the third step landing on the rug & sliding it across the floor into a heap.....he seriously thinks it's his job {it makes him so happy}....for me it was more than a little irritating & a pain to constantly fix....


with my new super duper RUG PAD {what what}

This new rug pad keeps my rug perfectly in place & it doesn't budge.

I LOVE IT...it's true, i'm in love with a rug pad.

I've tried several rug pads in the past and this one is by far my favorite & it works better than any other I've ever tried, especially those cheap ones that look like shelf liners sold in most stores.

This rug is for use on multiple surfaces even carpet, one side is smooth & a little tacky, and the other is rough a little like velcro & it grabs the rug & holds on tight. It's nice and thin so it doesn't leave the tale tale pad line under your rugs. I have a couple of the heavy duty ones & while they work okay, they show under the rug because of the thickness....not too pretty.

Now, I cannot attest to the way this works on carpets because I have none, but I'm willing to guess that it probably does just what it says & works on every surface perfectly.

I'm so glad to have found this rug pad

It's DALMATIAN tested & MOM approved.

You can check it out HERE.

The opinions I am sharing are entirely my own based on my own experience. I am receiving no compensation for sharing these opinions ( though some free rug pads would be nice ; ).

{peace, love & hugs} 
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:: vintage glass & silver

s i m p l e   b e a u t y

A vintage bottle collection & heirloom pocket knife 
grouped on a tarnished silver cake stand.

Love this corner of my desk.


{peace, love & hugs}
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