{ lookie loo - vintage treasures }


Okay, so maybe "Lookie Loo" isn't the best phrase, because I am NOT talking about potties. Look at all the fun goodies I found today. I'm so excited, I've been looking for the little pots { what are they called?? } for my french onion soup, and woo hoo I found some. Yay me.

I've also been looking for a cute sewing box, see that little chair it's a sewing box complete with pegs for threads, a pincushion seat, and a cute little drawer for all the other bits. { I'm going to paint it, what color???? white, robin's egg blue, green? } what do you think I should do?

Some of these little goodies will be making it into the shop as soon as I can have a photo shoot, so keep checking in with me to see what makes it, especially if somethings caught your eye.

No, I didn't find the cat, but she's ready to be shipped with a purchase from my shop. That cat is a hoot, I never thought I could be so entertained by one animal. She's like living with a two year old again, always, always getting into something. I'd have to say I'm a dog girl since I have three, but Patches is OOOkay. Guess I've become a cat girl too since we have three of those also. Okay, Okay, I'm an animal lover across the board. I'll share pics of the other fur babies in the future.

Have a super Friday xoxo- Carrie
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{ Nienie }

I just read Stephanie's story for the first time, and I couldn't stop.

It's so sad and so inspiring at the same time.

I wanna reach out and hug this woman, take away an ounce of her pain if only for a minute,

tell her everything is going to be okay, and it is { God knows it is }.

She's so blessed, a wonderful husband , beautiful children, and a beautiful life.

I am praying for her, for her family, for her recovery, for her strength, for her heart.

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{ antiquing }



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{ papa & patches }

Papa aka { love of my life, soul mate, schmoopy, and babe }
in the studio this morning singing "lightning crashes".
Do you hear it?


This is Patches who decides to take over my computer while I'm singing with Papa.


Wow what a boring post. I meant to do this earlier today, but I started taking pictures for my shops and never got around to it and now I'm just too tired to think.

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{ I dream of knitting }

Grab a chai and come along with me.


here are your ingredients: 1/2 Milk, 1/2 Oregan Chai concentrate, cinnamon
& Whipped Cream, and a pretty little tea cup to drink from, one that makes you feel dainty and feminine.
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{ knitting studio }

This is my comfy knitting chair. 

This is my yarn stash, and my photo corner
and below are some of my knits.

You can visit my etsy shop Lily & Lulu to find more of my knit goodies.

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{ Perfect Day }

Aside from the fact that we are back to rain and cold here, today was a perfect day. It started out like every other, getting up and getting everyone out the door, I then made the mistake of getting back in my super cozy bed to get warm. I’m sure you can guess what happened next zzzzzz. I woke up at 10 a.m. feeling a little guilty, now what.

This is what I did….

I took pictures....

I get bored staring at the same old things in my home day in and day out. Sure I leave sometimes, but 80 percent of the time I'm here because I can only shop so much before getting reprimanded by Papa.

I decided I wanted to post some pictures of my little nest, and wow, looking at things through a camera lens today really helped me { s e e } my home and the little things I love about it. I still want to change some things, but all in all, I realized that even though I get frustrated with it sometimes, I LOVE my nest. My home is all about me, it's constantly changing and evolving, and like me it's not perfect, but it's mine, and it keeps the ones I love safe and warm.

So today's lesson....sometimes you just need to change perspective.

My perfect day ended with some snuggle time and laughter with my lovely little wrens.

{ the vintage wren }

P.S. I cleaned along the way, so no guilt here.

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{ Adventures in Blogdom }

Ok, so here I am in the blogoshpere. This is my official first post, and I hope the beginning of many new adventures in blogdom. As you may have noticed from my profile, I am an artist, I have been since childhood, and it became official in 1997. I purposely left out the things I am not... like... writer, grammar guru, or princess of punctuation so please forgive me if I do run on and I put a comma where there should be a semi colon, or is it a period , ., ..?

With that said, I am starting this blog as a creative outlet; A place to share some of my own goodies, trinkets, and inspirations. In other words, another way for me to keep busy when my little wrens and their papa leave me behind.

After all, a mama can only clean her nest so much before she’s ready to fly the coop ( uh er... nest ).

Creativity is a huge part of my being...I am happiest when I am creating, and sometimes when I’m napping, but always when I’m with my family. I hope this blog will become a new place to share thoughts and images of my own, and of those that { i n s p i r e } me.

I'm truly amazed by all of the beautiful blogs I've found ... full of lovely photography, daily inspirations, and creative living. Now I hope to { c r e a t e } my very own, and hopefully make some new friends along the way. For now though, I’ve got to go tuck in my sweet little wrens.

P.S. I'll have photos next time ... that's a whole other can of worms... I'll get there.

Take Care, { the vintage wren }
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