:: more lemons

I've been busy practicing my oil painting,
on canvas,
and digitally using procreate.

The digital version is available for download in my Etsy shoppe,
while the oil version is drying & waiting its turn.

It's so much fun painting, both in real life with oils, 
and digitally on my iPad. I can't say for sure which I actually prefer.
I love being able to sit on the sofa watching/listening to a show
while creating art with no mess.

However, nothing quite feels like having a brush in your hand
deciding what color & stroke to make next...
even if it is a bit of a mess sometimes.

Hope you all are healthy & 

well as we go towards the weekend!

{ peace, love & hugs }
Carrie Ann

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:: first hike of the new year

I found a new little trail at one of my favorite spots 
to watch the sun set on Morrow Mountain.

This is the view from my little perch. 

It was like fire was 
licking the mountains edge, 
lighting the brush up like flames,
with only the lake in the distance
to quench it.

The path around the mountain top.

I sat with the sun on my face,
 dried grasses and flowers dancing in the wind.

I admired the beauty of the fallen trees.

I took a moment to honor all of those on this path before me.

I stood my offering upright, 
the one time has chipped 
away like an artifact.

In my happy place :).

Happy New Year!!

{peace, love & hugs}
Carrie Ann

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