:: country cookin'

Hello Friends, hope you have all had a wonderful week. TGIF again.
Just thought I would pop on and share some of the things 
I've worked on and finished up this past week.

First up is " New Years Greens"

This painting was inspired by my sweet friend and neighbor.
When I walked into her kitchen on New Years Eve, 
she had this most beautiful arrangement of  
Collards ready for cooking New Years Day.
So of course I snapped a photo, they were too pretty not to.

Do you cook black eyed peas & 
collard greens on New Years Day? 

Wanna know more 
about this Southern Tradition go HERE.

Next up is

" Grandma's Biscuits "

This vintage flour sifter isn't my Grandma's, though
she most certainly had one. That's why this painting reminds me of her.
My Grandma Apple made the most amazingly delicious everything...
I have yet to eat a biscuit as good as hers anywhere.
Even with her recipe none of us have been able to
re-create her biscuits. Proof that we put a little bit of
ourselves into every food we prepare.

Sadly we lost my Grandma just before Christmas, 
and those are some country cookin' shoes that will never be filled.

Love and miss you Grandma.
I miss your silliness, and holding your beautifully 
soft hands, even though you thought they were ugly. 

So many of my best memories were spent at my
Grandma's house where we worked in the gardens
and sat around on the porch just watching birds.
Still my most favorite things to do.  

So there you have it, a few of the pieces I finished up this week.

I'm still trying to practice making art every day, and drawing with my
Apple Pencil 2 and my iPad Pro with Procreate just make it so much easier.

Are they perfect....NO, I am still learning my way around digital art.
Still figuring out how to make things look like their real life counterparts.
I love the ease of it, and the fact that I can use any medium at any time.
I am growing in my abilities, stretching those creative muscles that have
been asleep for a bit too long. It's a bit hard sometimes, I want to be as good 
as all of the amazing artists I look to for inspiration. I keep reminding myself
that though some of them have just amazing innate abilities, most have
practiced and worked at it day in and day out for many years. 
So I just have to continue to practice and I'm thankful that I have
my iPad and Procreate at my disposal for just that.

Have a wonderful Weekend you guys,
and if you're into it, MAKE SOME ART!

Even if you just color for fun and relaxation.
Be a kid again, find your creative voice.

Which reminds me of another favorite app I
found on my new iPad .

April Coloring is a paint by number app, 
I find it so relaxing and the feel of
coloring with my Apple Pencil is so nice.

I really can't believe I've taken so
long to get into the digital art space
with an iPad, it's so much FUN!

Anyhoo, Happy Weekend!!

{ peace, love & hugs }
Carrie Ann

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:: more lemons

I've been busy practicing my oil painting,
on canvas,
and digitally using procreate.

The digital version is available for download in my Etsy shoppe,
while the oil version is drying & waiting its turn.

It's so much fun painting, both in real life with oils, 
and digitally on my iPad. I can't say for sure which I actually prefer.
I love being able to sit on the sofa watching/listening to a show
while creating art with no mess.

However, nothing quite feels like having a brush in your hand
deciding what color & stroke to make next...
even if it is a bit of a mess sometimes.

Hope you all are healthy & 

well as we go towards the weekend!

{ peace, love & hugs }
Carrie Ann

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:: first hike of the new year

I found a new little trail at one of my favorite spots 
to watch the sun set on Morrow Mountain.

This is the view from my little perch. 

It was like fire was 
licking the mountains edge, 
lighting the brush up like flames,
with only the lake in the distance
to quench it.

The path around the mountain top.

I sat with the sun on my face,
 dried grasses and flowers dancing in the wind.

I admired the beauty of the fallen trees.

I took a moment to honor all of those on this path before me.

I stood my offering upright, 
the one time has chipped 
away like an artifact.

In my happy place :).

Happy New Year!!

{peace, love & hugs}
Carrie Ann

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