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Hello Friends, it's been a while. I've missed getting here to spend time with you, but hopefully now that Fall is here & I'm beginning to be forced inside I will have more time to share.

After many comments and e-mails I've decided to share some of the details of my coffee bar with those of you who are interested. I've tried to answer most comments & e-mails, but I'm sure I've missed a few along the way.

As per my original post here, I purchased the industrial wire basket shelf at Hobby Lobby. When I first found the shelf I picked it up immediately because I knew the space above my cabinet was the perfect place for it, and I knew I wanted to turn this into a coffee/beverage bar. However, when I saw the price which at that time was 99.99 I reluctantly put it back on the shelf & walked around a bit more. Once thinking about how perfect it was I decided to purchase it & wait for a sale or a coupon to bring it back for the difference as I was afraid it would be gone later. Hobby Lobby often has items 50% off, and offers a 40% coupon nearly every week. So, I brought it home hung it up decorated it {photo below} & waited for the sale to come...which it did within my 30 day time frame. So, as inconvenient as it was I took everything off of the shelf took it off the wall and went back with my receipt for the 50% off sale price. It would have been nice if I could have just taken in my receipt for the price adjustment, but Hobby Lobby does not work this way....anyway, for me it was worth it to save nearly fifty dollars.

Now, on to the cabinet. I get comments and e-mails daily asking where I purchased this piece. I found this piece nearly 8 years ago when we first moved into our home. It took me a while to find something that would work on this wall that wasn't too deep to get in the way of traffic. I purchased it from a catalog "Through the Country Door" & though the catalog still exists unfortunately the cabinet itself does not. My little black cabinet/side board measures 44" wide, 36" high {counter height}, & 15" deep. I've also had people inquire about the baskets, I believe I purchased them at Target and they are 10" x 10", I have a 3.5" piece of wood in the back of the shelf to stop the baskets from recessing since they didn't fit perfectly. Oooh yuk, I apologize for the poor picture above, at the time I couldn't find the little piece that attached my camera to my tripod & I was so excited to share that I let it slide.

So, there you have it, all the details you have inquired about. I'm very flattered that many of you have decided to create your own versions of my little coffee bar in your own homes...I know how much we love ours & what a great countertop space saver it has been. I've already seen a few replications using the exact same shelf from Hobby Lobby & I love to see how each person has used this inspiration to create their very own version.

I love the little blue dresser & wire baskets used by Stephanie at Life More Lovely.


Another version minus the Hobby Lobby shelf. I like the pieces CrestWoodModern used from IKEA to create their own coffee haven.

Here's a cute little corner that Holly created for her own coffee shop, again using the same Hobby Lobby shelf. I really do love this shelf...it could be used in so many areas of the home.

So, do you have you're very own coffee shop in your home?

Happy Weekend!

{peace, love & COFFEE}
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