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Hello Sweet Friends, it's been a while. Lots going on these days, lots to keep me away from this little happy place. I'm hoping that in the coming days I can get here more and more often, I really do miss blogging and all of my sweet bloggy friends.

Today I just so happened to be inspired by a coffee scoop of all things. I was simply making a cup of coffee....When I realized how much I love using my stainless steel Starbuck's coffee scoop {one of my favorite yard sale finds of all time} it's such a simple pleasure. I simply love the weight of it and the feel in my hand...this realization led me online to try & find another for our new lake house. 

I was really hoping to find the same one since I adore the weight of it & the two tablespoon measure (less scooping). Well, I did find one used on Ebay, but it was really rather pricey compared to my little yard sale find....it is used after all :(. Anyhoo, I realized that there are so many other cute options, there's hand beaded, vintage, and my new favorite...hand carved wooden ones. I just love a good wooden spoon, so I've decided I'm going to have a wooden one instead. I found so many lovely options on ETSY....you can always count on finding something unique & special there, I adore handmade.

The arrow desing by Custom Timber Home Furnishings is my absolute favorite...
I'm so crushing on arrows these days. It really seems to fit into my lake decor perfectly. 

This one is rather cute also. 
Made by Falling Pigeon of Wisconsin White Oak...
I think the handle looks quite comfy to hold.

Another interesting design, I like the wavy handle and the flat bottom. 
There is lots of detail including inlay around the bottom of this scoop by

How lovely is this little black walnut scoop. The bowl of the scoop looks nice and round.
I bet it would be fun to scoop with. This one is made by Lots of Woods, I love the leaves...
it just screams fall & sitting on the porch drinking coffee.

This beautifully crafted scoop made by Polder's Old World Market is my second choice. 
I love the simple design and the warm coloring...it's a little out of my scoop budget though.
I'm sure it's well worth the money, lots of beautiful craftsmanship.

So there you have it, a few of my favorite wooden coffee scoops. 

Hooray for simple pleasures, COFFEE & SCOOPS!

{peace, love & hugs}

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