{ welcome baby }

Remember these?

The day has come.

After one long month

of uncomfortable pregnancy,

and nineteen hours of hard labor

my little bundle of joy is here.


Thank you


for helping me name my baby,

I love that now one of our babies

shares the same name. {*wink*}

Please visit the lovely Marija at

to congratulate her

and check out her wonderful blog.




who participated in this giveaway.

Papa and I had so much fun reading through

all of the fun names you came up with.

They were all great....


I have to give an

honorable mention

to Ali at bean and birdie

for coming up with

what papa & I

deemed the most creative name

Click McShutterspeed

I think I may have to use this

one for one of my other cameras

with Ali's permission of course.

Thanks again for playing along.

*peace & love*

Carrie & Nigel

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{ my first award }

I just want to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU

for giving me this award.

This is my first official award.

I am flattered that she thinks I am deserving.

Now, apparently the rules are that I have to share 7 things about myself.

1. I am a 36 year old gemini, so I have a birthday on the horizon

2. I am a mother to 3 amazing children ages 16, 10 and 8

3. We have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 1 fish, 2 hermit crabs, and a new cockatiel

4. I love birds, watching them relaxes me & makes me feel close to God

5. I have a floating rib { weird huh }

6. I love horses, and vow that someday I will own one

7. I love to travel { Italy is my favorite so far } I've traveled to...
Rome, Florence, London, Quebec, Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Rico,
Bahamas, Bermuda and I hope one day to go to Paris.

Now, I have to give this award to 15 bloggers

who I think are super special

so here they are.

1. LeAnn at Vintage Sassy

2. Tara at BlondienSC

3. Tina at Rubies Place

4. Maria at Dreamy Whites

5. Kacey at A Life of Blue

6. Victoria at Whimsy by Victoria

7. Donna at A Perfect Gray

9. Mary Lou at M is for Maga

11. Anne at Decor Naturel

14. Chania at Razmataz Vintage

15. Kerri at Frugal and Vintage

and my very own WREN AWARD goes to

so go on over and check out her blog

and see her new award.

Happy Monday!

*peace & love*


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{ garden planning }

It's a rainy and cold Sunday here,

but that doesn't stop me from dreaming

about the wonderful sunny days ahead.

I'm starting to plan out my garden projects

and while looking around

I found some fun things for the garden.

I thought I would share them with you...

just in case you are garden planning too.

I found this lovely arched cypress bridge.

I have a unsightly ditch in my back yard,

but I have future plans for that ditch that

involve some sort of bridge like this one,

some beautiful plantings and rock,

to turn the eye sore into a feature.

Whenever I get there I'll be sure to share.

I found these adorable little cattail bird feeders.

I can't resist these, and at some point

they will find a home in my backyard.

More adorable bird feeders,

this time in a cute acorn shape.

I can so see these hanging from

some of my trees, once they

become a little more mature.

Aren't they the cutest?

I just had to include this piece of awesomeness.

This is a mason bee house.

I am so attracted to the shape and texture

of this cool house.

Mason bee's are non stinging,

smaller than a honeybee,

and are amazing pollinators.

So this little house will help your garden grow.

The last of the lovelies is this pretty

One day I hope to have little paths

like this one above

running through my back yard,

and when I do, I could easily see

this little birdbath decorating my garden.

Ahhh, isn't garden planning so much fun.

I'll keep you posted on my garden projects

in the warm days to come,

but until then,

I'll keep on dreaming...

*peace & love*


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{ dream house }

Here it is, my dream house and property,

and it's only one street away from me.

I can see it from my back yard.

Oh the torture...

This house is the actual original farmhouse

to the property that my entire neighborhood is built on.

It is also practically the only one with mature trees.

Seeing as how my house is built

on what was formerly a pasture or field.

I have none....not one mature tree.

Herein lies my envy.

Look at the lovely pond with it's own little dock,

the beautiful weeping willows,

river birches and braddford pear trees.

This property and home are truly idyllic.

The house is gorgeous with it's white painted brick,

huge sun rooms and screened porch.

I swear, one day this house will be mine.

If it ever comes up on the market and we strike it rich

between now and then that is.

Here is the front view,

it sits in a lovely cul de sac,

and in another month

when everything is in bloom

it will be difficult to see.

Another reason I love it so...

lots of trees, shrubs...and privacy.

I wonder how my neighbors would feel

if they new I was secretly stalking their home.

Maybe I should get in good with them

In case they ever do decide to move they'll

call me and let me have first dibs.

Until that day comes,

I'll just admire it

from my back door.

Happy Weekend

*peace & love*

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