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So, I need a little advice from my fellow decorators & designers.  I am finally getting around to updating our bonus/media room. I've found furniture and accessories I like, but I just can't seem to decide on the color of the room, I'm personally leaning towards the blue.  Help! I can't decide!

Which wall color do you prefer with the furnishings above, blue or gray??  

{peace, love & hugs}
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:: home office e-design

{ OPTION 1 }

{ OPTION 2 }


Several months ago, I worked on a home office design for some friends. They live several hours away, so we decided to work together via e-mail. They gave me direction by letting me know what things they wanted to keep in the space, otherwise I had full design freedom. They weren't particularly married to any of the existing furnishings so I started from scratch.  I gave them  a new vision for their home office and a list of where they could purchase the furnishings. I always keep things as affordable as possible, knowing that taste & styles change over time. Using Photoshop & online shopping resources, I am able to source beautiful items and put them virtually into their space giving them a clear vision of what the space will look like, it is then up to them to order the items and place them into the space according to the layout provided. With the vision for the space my friends were able to shop for pieces at their leisure and as their budget allowed.  The second after image shows the space using a pair of existing chairs from another part of their home with a new coffee table,  a set of similar bookcases that the homeowner purchased and the desk in it's original location. I think it's important to give several design/layout options.

Though I prefer to go into a space to get a real feel for how it works & flows, I also love being able to turn an existing space into something beautiful & cohesive from my own office. 

{ peace, love & hugs }

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