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Well hello there, I haven't seen you in a while. 
Hello....h.e.l.l.OOO...Are you still there?

I have been so super busy running around all over the place
that I haven't been able to touch my computer the past few days.
I've really missed visiting with you guys.

 I was however able to clean out my pantry so that it looks like this again.
I also cleaned out my fridge & my freezer, it's so good to have these things done...
 what a huge difference it makes to open a cleaned out fridge, freezer and pantry.
It sure makes shopping and meal planning is so much easier.

Yesterday was my first semi break,
and I spent it cooking & baking for my family.
First I started a big ol' pot of homemade vegetable soup.
It was the perfect day for it really....all rainy and kinda gloomy.
Today is the same way, and I can't wait to have a warm steamy bowl later.

I also decided to try a new recipe for a healthy cookie for the little wrens....
 I found the recipe below on my Calorie Counter by FatSecret app. for my I pod.
I really love this app. it is a great tool for keeping a healthy weight, or
trying to lose weight as is my case right now.

This is the photo of my finished cookies...
not too pretty huh.

Funny thing...
as I was typing up the recipe for you,
I realized that I left a key ingredient out when I made them...
OOOps....I forgot to add the margarine...
no wonder they look so ugly.

Even without the margarine the family approved, 
so I will be making this recipe again...
with all of the ingredients this time { how funny is that }.
Next time I may add some almonds & chocolate chips to up the Yum.

Keep in mind if you make these that they are very low in sugar,
so these aren't your go to high calorie make your knees weak cookie.
That said, they are quite tasty, and even more so knowing that they are somewhat healthy.

Sorry for the not so great photos, it was gloooomy here....not great for photo taking.

Hope you are having a wonderful week : )

{peace, love & hugs}
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