{ farmhouse }

As I was cleaning this morning and the sun was shining oh so beautifully,

I was inspired to go out in search of fresh cut flowers to bring in a little spring.

I threw on my hat, grabbed my market bag and my camera and off I went to my local farmers market.

I was hoping, and dreaming that someone would be there with fresh cut flowers.

On my way down a long and windy road, I saw this old Farmhouse.

I've passed by this old place so many times, but never have my camera.

That sad excuse has ended now that I'm doing project 365,

my Nikon D80 is going to be like a new baby on my hip.

What should I name it? Hmmm...I'll be thinking about that one.

I'm open to suggestions. Actually, would you like to help me name my camera?

Will it be a girl or a boy?

You decide.....leave me a comment with your name suggestion.

In fact....please invite your blog friends to participate,

have them let me know where they found me in their comment,

and If they found me through your blog or tweet,

I'll send you, a surprise gift.

Wednesday, March 31st

I will pick a name for my D80 baby.

Please be creative... think.... fun.... cool..... hip. {*wink}

Okay, back to the photos. I just love old barns, I spent a lot of time playing in and around barns as a child on my

grandparents farm...those are just the best memories. It's so sad to see them falling down and neglected.

I would so love to have an old homestead with lots of barns and outbuildings to putter around in.

I really like the old terra cotta pots lined up along the foundation.

Love the morning sunlight spots in this shot.

Goodbye old homestead, until another day I pass you by.

So somewhere in my blog,
I promised that the next time I gave something away
I would show you what it is your trying to win.

I plan to keep that promise, so here is what you could win
If your name is chosen to name my camera.

{ Gift number One }

A lovely camera strap for your very own baby.
Choose your own from Mason Jar Holdings on Etsy.
I just love the fabrics she uses, and the combinations,
so go on over to her shop and take a look around.

{ Gift number Two }

Aren't these little knit owls just adorable.
These little camera cases are perfect for your littlest point and shoot baby.
Hand knit by my very own sweet sister Tiffany at her shop Petits Metier.
Jump on over and take a look around...she'd love to have you.

{ increase your chance to win }

1 entry - for naming my baby
2 entries - for posting about my giveaway
3 entries - for tweeting me or sharing me on facebook
4 entries - for adding me to your blogroll

Don't forget...
let me know in your comment where you found out about my Giveaway,
and if you shared my Giveaway with your friends.

If my winner finds out about me through your blog or tweet,
You also win a surprise.

Good Luck
and thanks for playing along

*peace & love*


p.s. sorry for the crazy randomness of how this post came together
this like most things I do was unplanned, it just came to me while doing the post.
Hope it all makes sense.

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  1. I don't remember exactly how I found your blog, but I started following you a week or two ago because your blog inspires me! I love the old farm house!! I think your new camera should be a boy and you should name him Jasper. ;-)

  2. I found you because you left me a sweet comment on my blog & checked you out! I just want you to know your header is so darn cute! HMMM a name for your baby I am have to think about this one (I don't know if I am a good person on coming up with a name, after all it took us a couple days after our babies were born to decide on a name) but I will get back to you soon if I think of one!
    I love those pictures! I LOVE old Barns. Wish I had one of my own.
    TAke Care,

  3. Love the barn photos! I did a whole photo program on old barns in TN back in college my freshman year. I found you because we went to HS together :) I'm horrible with naming objects---not something I ever do but how about Nikki. Not too creative...sorry!

  4. I found your blog through Dreamy Whites , and I am so glad that I did!!
    I have a little something for you over a my blog. Come take a peek!

  5. So...I am going through my blog list this evening and click on yours...great minds think alike! :) I had just said not 2 mins. prior to reading this that I am going to need to name my new camera that is on it's way as we speak. I can't wait!! I bought a Canon Rebel T1i dslr...my first. I am so excited to see what it can do...as I am sure you are experiencing with yours. I would love to give you a creative name...will have to think on it...I too will be in the same boat. Too funny. Have a great night and will be back!

    Hugs to you,

  6. Love your blog! I will be back for some creative inspiration! How about Teagan!

  7. Love the pictures of the old homestead! I want an old fixer-upper so bad! I found your beautiful blog when you started following, thank you so much! As for your camera how about Click McShutterspeed? Sorry, too much coffee today! Have a lovely weekend!

  8. i love the old barn pics too!
    i cant remember where i stumbled across your blog, maybe dreamy whites, but i love it.
    thank you for also being one of my *first* followers!

    the camera is definitely a man. my camera has my back more than any man!! haha (love you hubby xoxo)
    the first name that came to mind was "leonard cohen"...because of this song.. "i'm your man"
    hahah! fun contest
    good luck

  9. Hey girl! I found your pretty face over on my own sidebar and followed you here :) I think Maisy would be a good camera name!

  10. I LOVE your blog! There is so much inspiration here and your photography is wonderful. It really draws me in! It would be fun to take a tour of the inside of that old farm house.

    I vote for naming your camera Norman Rockwell or just Norman, which obviously would mean it's a boy.
    ☺ Celeste

  11. I found your blog through Dreamy Whites. I think a camera should be a boy and because you take pictures of scenery as well as cute farm houses how about calling him "Ranger". Fun contest, I saw one other once, for finding a name for her new baby on the way. I forget how that came out now, but that happens at my age. LOL

  12. oh girl, this is fun! Since you said Nikon...I think a boy and I am going to say Jasper, cause I always name my pets and things people names it is more fun that way! How did i find you...well I think we both know how wonderful you are, and of course you are on my blog, it would be naked without you...and I am so excited for Monday! have a great weekend and these photos, a-m-a-z-ing! I love old barns too bad here in CA we don't have too many around the beach...{add pouty lip here}!

  13. Hi Carrie
    I LOVE my Nikon and spend so much time looking through the lens that I named mine Lenore :-D
    How about Ansel or Adam after the legendary photographer Ansel Adams? or Barney? Your barn photos are gorgeous (taking photos of old barns is a passion of mine too) ♥

  14. Hey you! Wonderful blog by the way. I can't even imagine the memories that old barn holds. I love how you are keeping it fun and getting everyone involved. How bout Cappy (Cappie) because it captures all of your captivating moments in life. =)(yea, I'm a dork) Good luck w/ the quest.

  15. Oh these gifts are all so fabulous! I would love them! And of course your awesome blog made it on my blog roll, right hand side! What about Murphy, or Landry or maybe Ceeley!

  16. These gifts are so lovely! Your sister is talented! I love your old barn pictures...they make me feel nostalgic, and I love that feeling :)
    I think your camera is a quietly elegant lady :) And I really think your should name her Audrey. Somehow the name Audrey gives me a similar nostalgic feeling to what I feel when I look at these beautiful barn pictures. I have no idea why.
    That's my take on it ;)

    Happy Friday!

  17. "UNSPOKEN" should be the name.

    I'd love a camera strap!!

  18. Haven't come up with a name yet! Still thinking
    I just wanted to tell you wow you are gorgeous! I love that picture of Mama & Papa Wren!
    Take Care,
    p.s. I grew up in Montana, My mom & dad had a very small dairy, & we had 4-H pigs. I wasn't the best 4-Her though. Didn't take it real serious. My kids raise 4-H Steers & love it~no pigs though!

  19. I just came across your blog and I loved every minute of reading through it. You take some excellent photos which are inspiring in themselves!
    Looking forward to following along for more beauty ~

  20. i just am loving your blog!! i keep checking back ever so often. hehe. i featured Lily & Lulu in my fabulous etsy find post the other day!

  21. Hi Carrie:) I think your camera is a girl and I think you should name her DAISY! Daisy is French and means Days Eye (appropriate for a girly camera that records what you see, no?). I have you in my blog roll and will post about your giveaway this week:) Love your photos of the barn, just beautiful!! How amazing would it be to own one:) Hope you are having a lovely weekend and love your new profile pic - gorgeous:) ~ Tina xx

  22. Oh dear. Hmmmm a name for your baby??? Well I'm going to go along with a theme from your blog. I love how you call you and your husband Mama Wren and Papa Wren, so how about calling your camera Baby Wren? I think it should be a girl, you can play dress up with so many different filters. hehe

    Loving that old farm and your shots over at 365.

    Hope your weekend is fabulous!


  23. G'Day~I too just got a new baby but didn't think about naming it! Hmmmm I would name it Mr.D or Noki or just pure Joy~

    I am not sure how I found you hmmmm I have been sick and things are a lil cloudy.Sorry~

    Great photos.Enjoy~Kim

  24. I love the photos you captured of this old farmhouse, Carrie..! Just beautiful, dear!

    Hope you're having a good weekend. I have no name insight, but I think Tina's up there is a great suggestion! ;)


  25. It's a Nikon right?!!! How about Konin?!!!

  26. Hello, I found your blog from my sister's at
    A Ruffled Nest. I will definitely be back. I ove it over here! :)

  27. Love those barn pics! I would love to crawl around a place like that! How about Elmer for a name? I don't know why.. it just popped in my head! :)

  28. Love the barn pics. I feel that it should have a boy name, how about Steve or a strong name like Thor!

  29. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments, and I'm loving all the interesting names for my camera. I really appreciate you playing along with me. xoxo Carrie

  30. I truly have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog but it's so pretty I had to stay:) I like Daisy and Norman as suggested above. But the first fun, hip, cool name that comes to mind is Nigel for your Nikon. And not just bc it's my son's name :)


  31. I like Roxy! I think that is a hot name for a camera ;-) I am also having a giveaway so drop by my blog if you get a chance. Have a wondermous day!

  32. I was going with Nikki, but I see someone beat me to it! Thats how everything gets named in our house, take the first few letters and add an i (or y) !! I saw a link for your blog on the side of the blog "Rubies Place". Love those photos too!

  33. Conrad - - kind of persony but also kind of equipmenty and sounds like it's going places.

  34. I don't know why, but I feel like "Stella" would be a great name for a Camera.

    I just found your blog today--I saw a tweet asking me to name someone's baby, and just couldn't resist ;)

  35. LOL, when I first saw this I thought you were naming a human baby and thought you were smoking crack! I have not named any of my DSLRs so find this hilarious and cute... how about Sheldon... can the asexual critter "Shellie" for short.

  36. I just found you...through Dreamy Whites and The Lettered Cottage...I love to check out blogs and get ideas for my own space. :) Thanks for the giveaway...I think you should name your camera "Nikko"...a boy. Good luck choosing!


I love seeing your lovely faces & reading your sweet comments. Thanks for taking the time to visit me : ) * I do my best to respond by e-mail, if I miss you please forgive me. peace & love * Carrie

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