:: it's curtains for me

Wow, what a difference curtains can make.

I spent some time yesterday hanging curtains in my bedroom...

never mind that it's taken me nearly eight years to get to this point.

So, what'ya think?

Papa Wren loves them, says they make him feel like he's in a luxury hotel.

I think they're pretty too, but......they do make the room feel smaller,

or shall we just say a little more cozy and intimate.

It always takes me a little longer to warm up to change.

Are you that way?....or does change just roll off of you like water off a duck?


However, I definitely think they make the room feel more finished,

and I like that they make it feel more cozy too.

Oh, and I picked up a few new rugs as well,

just in time for the cooler weather....no cold tootsies 'round here.

I also simplified the bowling alley of pillows on my bed.

I'm loving how much easier it is to make the bed now.

I can sometimes get a little carried away with pillows {I do love em'}


I still have some things to do, but I'm getting there.

My mission right now is simplification....

 and I really need to purge more stuff.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. love your new curtains, carrie. they're so light and airy, just darling.


  2. This is the icing on the cake! It softens the room and gives it a finished look. Very nice.

  3. I love the difference your curtains make!
    They are just so lovely Carrie.
    Your hubbys right..they do look so luxurious!
    I adore my bedroom ones too...I dont think I've loved any curtains as much as these..and they were bought at our local thrift store.
    I just posted with them in it!
    Have a great weekend!!

    Deborah xo

  4. Carrie, it looks great. Curtains take me forever also! Why is that? I have new curtains in my living room. Hard to decide what I wanted in there and color scheme. Now, it's done. Finally!
    I like the neutral color you picked. I would have done the same. What's your next project? Ha, Ha.
    Oh, super Halloween photo :)
    xxx Liz

  5. I know isn't it amazing the difference curtains make? They look wonderful & your bedroom is gorgeous!!!

  6. Love the curtains! Definately a more finished and cozy look. Great job!!

  7. I'm all for the curtains. Privacy too, unless you don't have neighbors too close to you. I like the warmth it brings to your room. Good choice.

  8. I think the curtains finish the room off beautifully! I love the fireplace!

  9. A big "yes" on the curtains! When we hung white curtains in our place, the room really came together. Your bedroom DOES look so luxurious! Good choice, girl :) I'm really enjoying seeing your home!

    Kristina Gulino
    Twitter: @KristinaMGulino

  10. Very light and airy! andrea@townandprairie

  11. The room looks so much more "finished" with the curtains. Your bedroom is so nice especially with that fireplace. How romantic!

    Robin Flies South


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