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Hello, sweet friends I have been dying to visit you here, but life has certainly gotten in the way the past few days. I have taken on a few jobs that continue to keep me busy and otherwise occupied. I am now taking a much needed break to catch up with you, and to share a little project I worked on last week. I love how these turned out.

I got the idea for these lovely paper ornaments from my sister, she sells her version in her shop on etsy... Petits Metier. I've been long admiring the look of the vintage paper wreaths around the web and thought It would be so pretty to have something like them for my tree. I plan to make my own real paper wreath soon....whenever I get the chance.

Being the huge book lover that I am made this project a little difficult, it killed me to pull a book apart...especially a book from 1915. The only way I was able to justify this crime is that the poor book was already falling apart on it's own. I tried to keep the pages with poems intact to scan for use in other projects, but the other pages were fair game.

Here is my little crafting basket...I can take this with me when I sit down to watch television and fold away. Here you see all of my little pages folded up ready to be glued together into a finished ornament. My ornaments start out with a full book page that measures 5"x7". I begin by making a one quarter inch fold at the bottom, and continue to fold accordion style till the whole piece is folded up. I then fold this piece in half...it takes two pages to make my ornaments.  I simply glue each of the edges together to form a circle, including my twine inside the last for a hanger. Then I add a little glue in between the pages toward the center to hold it together.  I continued by adding a paper circle punch topped with a pretty button to the center of each one.  I simply used old catalogs for my paper circles {fossil keeps sending the best ones for this project}.

I adore this little poem, and wouldn't dare consider folding it up. I'm keeping these together in another folder to scan and use in other ways. I just love the sweet poems and stories in this old Fourth Grade "Studies in Reading" book. The poem is so perfect, for we had our very first snow of the season this Saturday. I guess it worked out that we didn't get our tree sooner because we got to drive through the beautiful snow on our way to pick it out... It was like driving through a beautiful Christmas card. 

Saturday morning I was cleaning and getting ready for the tree procurement festivities while "White Christmas" played....I looked up and Oh my goodness...there were snowflakes flying through the air. You would have thought I was 10 again the way I screamed and got my children to join me for the snow dance {come on, you know you have a snow dance too...don't you?} Isn't the snow just gorgeous. Nothing makes me happier this time of year than a good snow fall and hot cup of spiced cider.

Anyhoo, on with the scheduled programing. When I made my first ornaments I didn't think about a hanger, so I decided to add them to a compote filled with trimmings from our tree. I love the simplicity of this arrangement on my kitchen table. It also allows me to keep out my collection of stacked vintage china. 

I will have to be super careful with these little beauties in the future because they were already in such a fragile state that they nearly fell apart as I folded them. I really love them so much and I think they are so lovely, it will break my heart if they fall apart. I'm thinking I will have to store them in an airtight container, and wrap them with tissue paper so they don't abrade each other.

So, there you have it....another super simple inexpensive Christmas decoration or gift...wouldn't they be lovely on a special package, or all wrapped up together as a gift. 

I hope it won't be so long before I can get back here, but if you like you can sign up for my posts by e-mail...then I can come to you automatically each time I post. I just signed with some of my favorite blogs recently, and I love when they pop up in my e-mail because often times I can't find time to get on the computer so this helps keep me up to date without having to remember to check in. Okay, Okay I've yakked long enough....see what happens when I can't check in here.

:: peace :: love :: hugs ::

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  1. Carrie,

    The pinwheels turned out great...I love them.

    Your snow pictures are too pretty!!

  2. Adorable...as always with your projects. I'm getting ready to make my paper wreath this week, so I'll add this to my list too to go along with my shiny brite ornaments on my tree. Thanks.

  3. the paper ornaments are darling, carrie. i know what you mean about tearing pages out of a book, it's hard. but if the book was deteriorating anyway...look at the fabulous results. i'm really enjoying all of your christmas posts.

    love your snow pics, too. sooo pretty.


  4. oooo I love them, nice idea!


  5. Carrie, your paper ornaments are divine! I LOVE them!! Enjoy that snow, our girls would love to see snow like that :D Stay warm and take care. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  6. Carrie, I do have a snow dance :) It's been snowing here for days and those lovely big fat snowflakes too! Your pinwheels are beautiful! I've already decided that I will be making a couple myself at some point. They look really pretty in your bowl as a decoration.

    Enjoy the snow!

  7. During the summer I picked up a couple books so I could do something similar. And you are right, it is difficult to tear the pages. Kind of makes me feel nauseous. I will use your idea and put them in a basket then after everyone is tucked away I will dig it out. Tonight is the night!
    Glad you received some pretty snow. I have the sleds ready but not enough snow. I was planting cedars the last few days, which is pretty to see. A Canadian planting cedar trees in December...muahhhhh!

  8. Oh, I do love this! And all your pretty photos too! I wonder if you sprayed some sort of sealant on it, maybe that would keep it from falling apart. I do a lot of decoupage projects and there's a clear sealant for that.

  9. I love those little gems. I made a tiny one for my bottle art and added glitter. I like the button idea. See ya! Hugs, Liz

  10. These paper ornaments are absolutely beautiful!! Perfect in the bowl of greenery.

  11. Thanks for linking up! I love your ornaments!

  12. the pictures look like a mirror affect of what i see outside here your ornament is one that i remember my grandmother made but i had forgot

    i am new follower as well

  13. Carrie, you could try painting the backs with clear glue to make them stronger. Maybe add a little clear glitter (not necessary but you might like the subtle sparkle).

  14. I love that idea. Your snow picture scared me though, I had to go back and check the date. Thank the Lord its an old picture. Its just October and I do NOT want to see snow just yet. Here in Michigan it lasts a very long time once its here.

  15. Beautiful Simple things, Love them all, especially the idea of repurposing but also holding onto special items.


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