:: savor the shoes

Just a mom realizing how much she's gonna miss these shoes when they are gone.  He's driving now, has his own car & a freedom he's never known before. I'm so happy for him, and excited to see him really spread his wings & grow, but I get so sad when I think I only have a few years left with him here under our roof.  Our oldest has already graduated from college is working and has her own home.  I'm not sure how much more this mama's heart can take, part of me wanted the freedom that comes with having grown children, but mostly now my heart breaks trying to figure out how I'm gonna make it when they've all left the nest.  It's so close only a few more years, the youngest has started driving too & right now they are out school supply shopping for the first time without me...boo hoo.  I know I have to let them go, but I never knew it was going to be this hard. 

So for today, I'm savoring the little bits of them that they leave lying around,
knowing that too soon my house will be spotless & I'll miss the days of picking up shoes.

{ peace, love & hugs}
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