{ chasing butterflies }

Happy Tuesday!

The sun is shining today, woo hoo.

I was up early for a change 7:30am to be exact.

{ this summer schedule is kicking my butt, with it's late nights and late mornings }.

I have {most} of todays to do's done, and I'm getting ready to share with you what I did yesterday,


first I clean the kitchen { this makes me feel good about myself }

secondly I tackle the keeping room desk  { another accomplishment }

in between I take out the dogs { a constant chore with three pooches }

But wait... 

While I'm outside I see this...

my lovely homestead verbena are back in bloom,  { this makes me very happy }

then I see this...

a perfectly beautiful butterfly

so I run back inside grab my camera and the chase is on.

How perfect is this handsome fellow { or gal } ?

 then there was this lovely pale lady,

and this cute and fuzzy guy....

and finally this busy, busy boy.

I'm snapping away by now, and I can't stop...

so then there's this...

my monkey grass { liriope } is in bloom as well, I just adore it's beautiful lavender spires.

it's so lovely in front of my { natchez } crepe myrtle trunks.

More snaps, from around the house.... my birdhouses on my front porch,

and a not so happy to be disturbed sleeping kitty....there she is....

and there she's not.

So there you have it, a little cleaning,

and some camera therapy,

that's what it takes to get me over 


I have more to share from my Monday adventures in the days to come.

Right now though, it's back to laundry duty... bah.

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  1. GORGEOUS pictures ! Thank you for sharing them !!!!


  2. Love your photos Carrie! Those butterfly ones are just beautiful! I too feel like a good photo shoot helps to make the blahs go away. Have missed visiting with you in the last month and hoping to be back on a little more once school starts...and I too am back on schedule! lol :)


  3. Hi Carrie!

    Loved all of your photo therapy, much needed to help me get through the week. I got up early today too... late nights always seem to keep me from getting up, but thankfully I was up before eight and had the dog walked and me showered before nine. I love early mornings, just always struggle with getting out of my cozy bed... it seems softer in the morning.... :)

    I get to finish laundry tomorrow before work... that is... if I don't sleep in! ;)


  4. I think that's what I need to do today!

    Gorgeous pictures!

  5. Good for you!! Putting your Nigel to work and getting some small tasks done seems to have done the trick. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the yellow swallowtails (males are yellow, by the way; females are blue) and the purple verbena make for a striking image.
    Take care, dear girl!


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