{ pantry overhaul }

Welcome to my Pantry...

Now, this is how I like my pantry to look, under control and well organized.

Every so often though I have to give it an overhaul, because as you probably well know, 

things never seem to make it back where they belong, especially with children in and out.

We did pretty good the last time I organized, so we'll see how long it lasts this time.

Why Oh Why, can't it just stay looking like this forever?

I keep all the pretties on the right side of the pantry in front of the door,

so this is what you see when the door is left open...which is most of the time.

I purchased the clear containers from the dollar store after I moved in 6 years ago.

They have served us well, but eventually I would like to switch them to glass when the kids are a little 

older and can manage them easier { plastics make me a little nervous these days }.

I purchased each of the larger folio baskets at Target yesterday for $14.99 each.

This was very much a splurge, but I was really sick of my pantry and ready to get it back under control.

The baskets up top are also past purchases from target, and are for entertaining, the large round one is

for chips, salsa or guacamole { a must at our house },  the top rectangular basket holds rolled up

cloth napkins, and the basket below is divided to hold silverware, or plastics.

This is the business side of the pantry where I keep all the not so pretties.

The very top shelf is where I keep my serving and entertaining bits.

The shelf on the left below I have all of my baking goods and spices.

Below that are all of the canned goods from the grocers, and the next 

shelf down holds my larger boxed items, in the small baskets below

I store things like smaller packets of hot cocoa, microwave popcorn,

instant oatmeal, and ramen noodles { the kids & I love them }.

On the floor I have my large stockpot, a box of all occasion cards,

an old make-up box holds all of my cake decorating supplies,

then I have my large containers of vinegars, for cooking and cleaning.

The trash bin is for larger recycling items that won't fit in my other bin.

Then of course no pantry would be complete without the baggie organizer.

I try to always take my own bags to the market, but I'm pretty much the only one who

does, and I'm not perfect so we always end up with a collection of plastic bags.

So, what do you think?

I wish I had taken a before shot, but I had everything out on the counters before I even thought about it.

Well that's one thing off my list with what feels like hundreds more to go.

School will be starting soon, so you'll see many more projects in the future.

Boo Hoo, this means vacation is truly over.

* peace, love & hugs *


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  1. Carrie, it look awesome! So neat and organized...but I agree...only if little elves could come in during the night to keep mine looking this way! ;o)


  2. You are so very organized!! I love it!

  3. I have those can stackers and think they are such blessing. I like the new baskets and the storage they give, and they look good too. Is that a metal cracker canister? My parents have one and brings back memories.

  4. Yes, that is a metal cracker canister that I picked up at my local thrift store, Love it so much. Thanks for the comments. : )

  5. organization really makes your day to day life stress free:) Awesome job!
    I am motivated to re-do mine..

  6. Love the organization! Your pantry looks fabulous. So pretty!

    Have the loveliest of days

  7. It looks great!!! You have inspired me to reorganize my pantry. I have a large walk in pantry and it doesn't stay oragaized for very long either.

  8. Well I just wish I had a pantry like that to organize. It looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Great job Carrie.


  9. Oh how I wish I had a pantry! I would copy this in a heartbeat- it is beautiful. You did a great job! The baskets may have been a splurge but it seems they were well worth it- they really make the pantry.


  10. Oh i love it.... mine needs a redo!!! Yours is so motivating,

  11. WONDERFUL pantry. Organizing mine has been on my to-do list all summer, and didn't get done before I went back to school. I need to do it one weekend. I love yours. Great great space!

  12. I totally have pantry envy! I no longer even have a pantry let alone an organized one. That would make me feel all zen every time I looked at it.

  13. I was soooo happy to see the 2nd picture of the other side makes me feel a lil better.I really need to do mine one of these days.Looks fabulous Bravo! Lots of work I know.~Cheers Kim

  14. OK, I want one just like that pleeeeeaaaase!! Looks fabulous Carrie!! ~ Tina xx

  15. Ok, i so need overhaul like that. mine is so so BAD- stuff falls out, chips on the floor- i might have to copy the bskt idea for mine.. thanks for some great and needed Pantry Inspiration

  16. I LOVE how organized everything is! Very inspiring :)

  17. carrie, it looks flippin amazing! oh to even HAVE a pantry. sighhhhh...i could only hope to have the makings of that sort of organization one day...

  18. I have pantry envy! As in - I don't have a pantry. If I did, I'd come back here to figure out how to organize it. Hope it stays neat for you. However, I am a mom of 2 and that is probably wishful thinking I know.


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