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Am I weird because I have a problem editing and changing my photos.

For some reason I feel that if I change them from what they were, 

I am somehow being dishonest, painting things differently than they really are.

Isn't that just the silliest thing? 

I see so many beautifully enhanced images out there that I love.

I know they've been altered, and I don't love them any less, and often more.

I really have to get over this, because I want my images to look amazing.

I want my photos to have feelings and emotions, and be soft & pretty.

How do you feel about this subject?

Does it bother you?

:: peace & love ::

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  1. Hi Carrie,
    I know exactly how you feel. I used to feel this way too but mostly I had no idea about all of the photo editing out there. Once I edited one photo, I couldn't stop myself, it's a bit addicting!! What I do is save my original photo in one file and add the edited photo to another, that way I'm not loosing the original. Picnik is a great program because it's free and they have tons of stuff you can do to your photos. Personally I think your photos above rock!
    I love how the glass just sparkles!
    Love your blog, I am now a follower.
    Have a great day.

  2. Well these photos are beautiful!!! I completely understand what you mean. I have fallen in love with Photoshop and what it can do to take a photo to the next level, but I always like to keep at least some photos in my posts completely untouched and unedited...makes me stretch myself more as a photographer I think.

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  3. I LOVE to edit photos. I have no issues with it. I think there is a time for out of the box shots, and if I can capture it, then I leave it unedited. Either way.. its an art.

  4. Wow...I love your photos!!
    I do edit some photos...but not all!!
    Sometimes I just like to see what I can capture with my eye....no editing:)

  5. Your photos are always so lovely- I do edit some of mine, but not many.

  6. I completely understand what you are saying. That said, I pretty much alter every single photo. I am not the best photographer so I fix them as best as I can with editing. I am hoping to start photography lessons so that I won't need to edit so much! Those pictures of your bottles are lovely.

  7. I think your photos are great,lovin the vintage bottles. I do edit mine they seem to look better, wish I knew how to do more of it.~Cheers Kim


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