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I'm a little far behind in my posting and blogging in general, but I wanted to share some photos from a trip to the mountains last week. The kids and I went up on the 23rd to celebrate my mother's birthday, and a late father's day for my dad since we were traveling on Father's Day.

The mountains are my favorite place to be, my soul is soothed in the mountains. I love the smell of fresh air and earth, the air is always crisp and fresh there. This trip wasn't all fun though as my parents are currently adding a bathroom onto their rustic mountain cabin, of course we jumped in to help build it. After dinner my mom and I decide to go for an evening walk, and these are some of the images I snapped along the way.

The wild blackberries were just ripening, and I enjoyed picking them and eating them along the way....great for energy and dessert.

A lovely moss covered stick I picked up around the cabin. I couldn't pass up a shot of the beautiful ferns either. It's so funny how we create our landscapes, but Mother Nature is the greatest creator of all and we can't even begin to compete.

I love this wild spirea, it's sweet delicate pink flowers and their little stamens that make it look fuzzy.

Speaking of fuzzy, I never really knew what a raspberry looked like until we saw these wild raspberries along the road. Every one of those little reddish buds will be a lovely plump raspberry soon...mmmm. Oh how I wish they were ripe while I was there....I may have to plan a day to go back for picking.

Another beautiful wildflower. Oh, and I almost forgot the reason for this little walk to begin with is this little fella below. Driving back in from dinner this little guy was in the middle of the road....we just had to walk back to make sure he was safe. We could hear him and his siblings peeping away in the bushes roadside. I have no idea what kind of bird this is, but it was so round and cute. He was completely uninjured so we let him be.

Behind this rock in the deep dark recess is a little grotto with a pretty waterfall. I love the moss covered rock with the wild blackberries covering it.

We passed by a neighbors gardens and stopped to take a peek at all the lovely organic goodness she had growing. Here are some of her raspberries and her cute little sign.

I love this old farmhouse, it makes me so sad that building's like this are let go. The stories this old house could tell. Kinda crazy that there's a satellite dish on the side of it...someone must have lived in it sometime in the near past. I would love to restore an old farmhouse like this somewhere on a mountain top with a fantastic view.

If I had a little mountain farmhouse then I could have some lovely cows like these. I love the color of these beauties, so natural. The mama watched me carefully as I approached her and her baby. Eventually she took her nose and shooed the baby away from me, but not before I could capture their beauty.

On our way back we saw four deer, but they were too far away and it was getting too dark to snap any photos of them....wish I had taken my telephoto lens. Next time. So there you have it, a lovely evening filled with flora & fauna....a wonderful day spent in the mountains.

Hope you are having a great week wherever you are. My little monkey's are at camp this week so I am all alone...debating on painting...more on that tomorrow.

Thanks so much to everyone for the kind words on the loss of our Lucy. It's still very hard, but I know it will get better with time and we have so many great memories with her.

:: peace, love & hugs ::

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  1. These are amazing pictures!!! Makes me want to go on a hiking adventure. I'm getting really tired of skyscrapers and public transport in the city.



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