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Good morning my sweets : ). Just popping in to share what I'm dreaming up these days. Spring is just starting to spring here, my Willow & Maple trees are starting to put on tiny leaves, the forsythia & lorapetalum are starting to flower, and I'm starting to see several of my other plants starting to peek out of the ground. This makes me so happy, and gets me very excited for the Spring season to come. There is so much to plan for and do in the gardens these days. I can hardly wait for the warm days to start.

First of all I was able to go out and purchase a new mower last week, this makes me very happy as it will free up much valuable time that I can be planting and working in the gardens {or napping in my hammock, enjoying them}. I can't wait to see how much time I save with my new Husqvarna 26 horsepower Zero turn mower with it's 54" mowing deck. Isn't it sexy {ha ha}....I think I'm in love. It's really funny though, you should see me driving it, there's quite a learning curve from our traditional steering wheeled mower.

Secondly I've ordered some new 4' x 8' raised beds like the ones pictured above. Isn't that the loveliest garden? I'm really loving these mortis & tenon cedar boxes, I love the old world look of them. I'm  hoping to create a beautiful Potager garden, complete with fencing to keep out the dogs & cats. The image above is very much the inspiration & goal. I'm excited to say that even Papa is on board and excited about this garden project, and usually I'm alone in the garden department around here. So this will be a spring time family project and I can't wait to get started, so many wonderful things to plant...I can't wait.

Here are my little beds before....small, but quite functional. I can't wait to share how it all comes together this spring. It may take a while though, in fact I may only be able to purchase the beds this season & add the fencing later. We'll see how things go. One thing I do know though is that we are gonna have so much fun deciding what we want to plant to eat. My little gardens have given pretty good yields over the past few years, so we are going to have more than enough yummies for this family of five. In fact I think I may have to develop some canning skills {Mom...are you reading this???}. 

So, if you are coming into Spring where you are, are you garden dreaming like me?

What are your gardening plans for the Spring?

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. I don't really have a garden, but I have a fig tree that's still in a small pot. I'm thinking to move it to a bigger pot sometime soon.

    I wonder to your blog via twitter, but I just want to comment that lawn mower is huge! (and expensive)

    I do like the raised beds and they are more expensive that I thought...


  2. I love your beds!!! I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt:)

  3. I love your raised beds...exactly what I'm considering at 822, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Your blog is really great and motivating people for gardening..

  5. New to your blog and have really enjoyed taking a quick look around. I'll be back again!!!

  6. Wish my place has a beautiful garden like this. Thanks for sharing! :)
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