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Today I am thankful. Thankful that my sweet little punky is feeling back to normal after a big scare and a trip to the emergency room last night. We weren't sure what was causing her severe, doubled over and crying stomach pains...this definitely wasn't just a stomach bug.  A trip to the ER was in order. This in itself frightened my baby girl who had never been before, and didn't know what to expect. She really doesn't like to go to the doctor at all.

She was a super star though, a little frightened for sure, and for someone who hates to get shots she did fantastic when they inserted her first IV ever. Some IV fluids, and a little pain medicine and my girl was back to her normal self, and able to get some rest. Next on the agenda was a CT scan, she drank her big cup of dye like a champ...I'm sure I would have totally struggled to get that stuff down. Hours later they took her for her scan, and again she did fantastic. We waited together for the results, we played games we talked and laughed, what a relief to see her get some relief. I hate being sick, but it's a hundred times worse watching the ones you love suffer. {my heart goes out to everyone who is ill and suffering, I pray for them all}

Good news...there were no abnormalities, everything was fine in that sweet girl's belly. I was so worried that she may have had appendicitis. We were both very relieved, she was especially emotional. She was happy and sad at the same time {the pain meds were wearing off} I explained this to her and we continued to laugh {and cry}. We were both ready to get home to be with everyone else.

Today we woke up to a snow day which was a blessing since we got in so late last night and everyone was waiting up for us. Really there wasn't too much snow, mostly just ice. We'll take it though, I love when my babies are back home with me. We've had a wonderfully lazy day, and I've been watching the birds outside of my window partaking of my seed.  I snapped this photo of our state bird this morning, I think he is quite appropriately cloaked for the season don't you.

So in my Thankfulness...

I ask you to please take a moment and join me today to say a special prayer for all of those who are sick and suffering that their pain may be eased and that those who take care of them may be blessed with strength, courage and compassion.

We can never value our good health too much, it is absolutely our greatest gift. Thank you Lord so much for my families health.

 peace, love & good health to you all
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  1. So glad she is better. What a great day for a snow day for you! It is so true how we take for granted being well until we know someone or are that someone who is sick. I will definitely do some praying, thanks for the reminder!


  2. Oh that is scary. So glad everything was okay. What a great idea to lift up the sick and hurting. I will do that right now. Beautiful pic.

  3. Carrie, Having a sick chold is the owrst feeling. I am so glad she is ok. You are right we must think of those that are going through this on a daily basis.

  4. Carrie, I am so glad that everything turned out alright for your daughter. I see how my dad suffers daily so I try and never take my health for granted.


  5. I have a friend who lost her sweet daughter two years ago in a couple of days and she is struggling this season. Thank you for the heartfelt thoughts and yes I will pray for those hurting and dealing with illness. Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi Carrie, I just found your blog and love it. Beautiful pictures, nice texts, and this health-post is wonderful as well. Sending health back to you and your family from Amsterdam. And a very happy weekend!
    Love, Maaike

  7. Hi, i'am glad it is alright with your little girl.
    Give her a extra hug!

    and what a beautiful bird!


  8. Carrie,
    What a relief! That must of been quite scary, for her and you. Glad everything is ok. Hugs, Liz

  9. Thanks for the reminder to take a minute and realize how blessed we are.

    Also - thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my snowflake art :) It means a lot to me!


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