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The Wren's Nest...a HOME tour...

Well, it's official we are leaving our nest soon....see my little perch hanging under there. I'm excited for the change, but also a little sad to leave my home of 10 years. I can hardly believe it's been that long, my children were just little little's when we moved in, now they are teenagers. We've had so many good times in this home...it's bittersweet leaving it all behind.

Many meals with friends & family have been enjoyed in this kitchen. I can just see my kids propped on the bar building gingerbread houses, making cookies for Santa & dyeing easter eggs.

Cozy fires, Christmas morning, and beautiful sunrises have been the highlight of this living room.

The dining room like most sees action only on special occasions such as holidays & parties.

The kid zone....hodge podge furnishings, cartoons & movies, drums & guitar, games & sleepovers...many many memories.

One of my favorite spaces to create has been my sweet Punky's apartment

I put in the bookcases & gate to create a little playhouse area when she was little & also to hide all the mess/toys from the door , now it's her personal sleeping space & hideaway & she has a little living room instead. Time is marching on, and toys are giving way to boys {uh oh... well not quite yet} clothes is more like it.

My little mister has gone from a giant playroom bedroom to his personal pad including private bath. Gaming system & computer station required.

Our oldest chick is off to college and this has become a landing zone & dumping ground for her more & more infrequent visits as she enjoys her new found freedom.

Movie central, family hangout & guest quarters complete with private bath & workout room.

My fun studio with it's amazing vaulted ceiling, I'll miss you too...at least when you're clean

{ Our Dreamy Master Bed & Bath }

Many talks & cozy sundays have been spent in front of this fireplace in our Master bedroom.
Kids sleeping on the sofa at the foot of the bed, and snuggled in with us too. Those days too are fading away as everyone grows up and into their own...ready for change & a new move.

Proof that things are what you make them, those are simple wire shelves. A little organization makes things much nicer. Though it is a big closet,  it doesn't have to be big to be tidy & pretty.

Just a simple laundry room, but I sure will miss my little window. 

In my personal opinion this could have very well sold our house all on it's own...


Is it crazy that this is probably one of the things I'll miss most about this house....my new pantry.  I just had it custom designed to my specifications not even a year ago now. The best part is that my family finally keeps it neat & clean too. What more can a mother ask for?

Hmmm did I leave anything out? Besides bathrooms? 
A Foyer? A lovely staircase, what, did you say two staircases? Done.

Front Staircase

Back Staircase from keeping room.

Goodbye my lovely home with 2 tons of new rock borders installed just last fall by yours truly. I can't believe we are actually moving. I hope the new owners will enjoy all of the hard work & love that have gone into making this house a home...it's been good to us for 10 years.

Mostly we'll miss all of our friends & wonderful neighbors.


{tears, sniffle sniffle}

{peace, love & hugs}

P.S.  stay tuned for our adventures in moving & our new home.
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  1. What an amazingly beautiful place! Can't wait to go on your new adventure with you!

    1. Thank you, & thanks for coming along : ).

    2. This is such a beautiful home. I had to hold back the tears as I read all of your memories. Thank you for sharing.

  2. what a lovely tour. and such a wonderful family home. can't wait to see where you go next. i'm sure the family that is moving in will treasure her too.

  3. WOW I would be pretty choked up about leaving your wonderful home.. not just that it is amazingly beautiful.. but the memories made here.. My husband and I are also faced with the same challenge.. our children have moved out and there is far too much real estate for the two uf us! I guess it is just another stage of our lives we must look forward to!

    1. I totally get that we are also downsizing in this move & hopefully it will just make us all that much closer. The hubs and I are just one step closer to our end game....this house is for the kids....the next one will be for us...hopefully a mini farm : ). Good luck with your changes.

  4. I love this house. It really is a home and so very special. Someone is going to be so blessed to have it, and I can't wait to see your new one. I hope and pray that you are as blessed in that one as you are in this one.

    Love to you, my friend.



    1. Thanks Sheila. The Lord has definitely blessed us. We will be a happy family wherever we go as long as we are together : ).

  5. Oh Carrie. We just moved last summer from the home where our kids grew up. It's hard girl! Fun but harder than I expected it to be. Will you be moving to another town? We did...we moved back to Texas after being gone 23 years. It has taken 10 months for me to finally feel like I'm getting my groove. It is an adventure though and once the sad part passed I was ready to roll. :)

    1. I'm sure I will be just like you, a little sad for a while but once we get into the groove of a new city & make a few new friends we'll be just fine. My family is very excited for the adventure : ).

  6. aw, how bittersweet- such a beautiful home you have created! where are you headed?

    1. It is bittersweet, we are headed to the Queen City. So not too far from home.

  7. I wish you a quick sale on your gorgeous home! Best of luck on your new journey!

  8. Beautiful home, Wish u the best on your new adventure

  9. I follow you on Pinterest so I kept checking your blog to see if you posted about moving. ;) Your home is lovely but whatever house you live in will be a home with your family there. :)

  10. Beautiful home! I am sure your new one will be just a gorgeous! I also agree - the pantry alone would have sold the house!! It is awesome!!!!


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