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Okay, so maybe "Lookie Loo" isn't the best phrase, because I am NOT talking about potties. Look at all the fun goodies I found today. I'm so excited, I've been looking for the little pots { what are they called?? } for my french onion soup, and woo hoo I found some. Yay me.

I've also been looking for a cute sewing box, see that little chair it's a sewing box complete with pegs for threads, a pincushion seat, and a cute little drawer for all the other bits. { I'm going to paint it, what color???? white, robin's egg blue, green? } what do you think I should do?

Some of these little goodies will be making it into the shop as soon as I can have a photo shoot, so keep checking in with me to see what makes it, especially if somethings caught your eye.

No, I didn't find the cat, but she's ready to be shipped with a purchase from my shop. That cat is a hoot, I never thought I could be so entertained by one animal. She's like living with a two year old again, always, always getting into something. I'd have to say I'm a dog girl since I have three, but Patches is OOOkay. Guess I've become a cat girl too since we have three of those also. Okay, Okay, I'm an animal lover across the board. I'll share pics of the other fur babies in the future.

Have a super Friday xoxo- Carrie
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  1. Girl, you found some great stuff!! I love it when the thrifting luck is on my side, and it seems you got it yesterday! And again, how sweet is that kitty? I have two myself and they make me smile everyday with some silly antic! happy Friday sweet girl!

  2. Fun finds! What a lucky day you had. And what a pretty helper you have!

  3. Thanks for your sweet invitation to your Valentine give-a-way. Sound like fun!
    I really like that little chair you found here.
    I have a small collection of chairs like this and am always on the look out for more...


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