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Thanksgiving is almost here, and though my pumpkins are still hanging around I thought I should take some photos of how I decorated with them before they fade away. I also thought I would like to look back and see that it was once pretty, because very soon pretty will give way to lots and lots of food. I have my entire family in my home for Thanksgiving {both sides}, and that's a lot of food...every available surface in my kitchen and dining area will be covered. Mmmm....thinking about all that delicious yumminess makes my mouth water.  So much for pretty.

Simply using what I had on hand aside from the pumpkins purchased at my local farmers market, my decor is super simple {I'm a simple girl}.  I've used my collection of vintage silver trays and cake stand for the centerpiece. I've added a few gourds, pumpkins and pinecones....love my big green pumpkin...sorry I have no idea what kind it is.  The pinecones I had my children collect from beneath a neighboring pine tree {I have a huge collection, and use them as fire starters in my outside fire place, best thing of all they're free}. I've used old cheese domes {cloches} collected from local thrift shops on each of the place settings....they formerly covered lovely green apples....now adorable little pumpkins. I'm thinking they will house some lovely pears for the Christmas holidays. I love the simplicity and look of the little cloches at each setting. I suppose I could have a few more things out on the table to dress things up like napkins and silverware, but I think I have the dustiest house on the planet and it would be impossible to keep it looking nice.  Maybe I'll have to play with a full table setting just for photography purposes.


I also love bringing in my lovely limelight hydrangeas as they dry on the vine in the fall months. They are a lovely way to add interest throughout every season....I have them everywhere....and I never tire of their beauty. On my sideboard I have a collection of glass decanters I've collected at thrift shops and yard sales. I wish I could say I had the brilliant idea of putting all the smaller bottles in the big apothecary jar, but I actually saw it somewhere out in blogland....wish I could share the source but I can't remember where it was {If it was you....let me know and i'll be happy to give you the credit you deserve}. I originally purchased the jar for my homemade laundry detergent, but it's huge so I had to get a smaller one....I love the way all the little bottles look inside of it, much nicer than detergent don't you think ; ).

Many months ago I shared my fabric choice for my dining room curtains with you. Well, there they are I've had them since summer, just never got around to shooting photos of them to share. I love them and think they turned out fabulously, they look great with the existing paint color too. I would still like to repaint, but until I do, I think they've pulled everything together nicely. I've also finally gotten a rug to go under the table, would you believe me if I told you I paid only 30 dollars for it. I was looking to purchase a sisal, possibly with a border, for hundreds of dollars and one day when I was at my local Goodwill, I turned the corner and there it was....I nearly had a heart attack, it was exactly what I was looking for. It's not perfect, and it is used, but with all of our animals including one who is an incontinent old lady it will do for a while. I just love the way it looks and the lovely texture it provides in the room.

Now that my Thanksgiving and Fall decorating is documented...


Happy Friday...Wow has this week gone by quickly.

:: peace, love & hugs ::


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  1. Beautiful tablescape,I like the idea of the small bottles inside the crystal jar.

  2. It is absolutely stunning, Carrie! I love the tablescapes on the sideboard and table, and the new drapes are so handsome! Looks like you are going to have a beautiful setting for Thanksgiving!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Carrie, your table is gorgeous, and I love that you used what was on hand...I want to come and have thanksgiving with you my dear!! wowzers!! happy weekend!

  4. this room is GORGEOUS! seriously :)

  5. Tara, you are welcome here anytime. Thanks for making me smile.

  6. your dining room looks lovely. love the glass cloches. absolutely beautiful.

    have a happy weekend.

  7. Very pretty. I love the little eggs in the nest. I have those same pumpkins. They must be popular this year!

  8. I can't believe Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away...I am not ready to even think about Christmas yet. I am enjoying my fall decor and I shall for at least two more weeks.


  9. Carrie your table is so beautiful and simple! I pick up those cheese plates at thrift shops too....I end up painting them bottom and doing some kind of display in them. However, I like the simplicity of your idea much better!!! The bottles stacked in the big jar is a great idea....I have a ton of old bottles. I occasionally embellish and sell them in the shop, but storing them is a bit of a pain. Now I have an idea of how to!!
    Have a happy weekend!

  10. Carrie,
    Am I invited? Beautiful! Ty for sharing. Hugs, Liz

  11. Hello Carrie,
    How are you?
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending me such a kind email.
    You have no idea how much that meant to me.... You are the sweetest.
    I remember the first time I found your blog.... I think we have so much in common! I would love to sit and have coffee with you! : ))
    Your dining room table is beautiful... I LOVE how you added your vintage bottles to the canister! Your dining room is beautiful! You have a special touch.
    Have a great week!
    Take Care,


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