{ garden planning }

It's a rainy and cold Sunday here,

but that doesn't stop me from dreaming

about the wonderful sunny days ahead.

I'm starting to plan out my garden projects

and while looking around

I found some fun things for the garden.

I thought I would share them with you...

just in case you are garden planning too.

I found this lovely arched cypress bridge.

I have a unsightly ditch in my back yard,

but I have future plans for that ditch that

involve some sort of bridge like this one,

some beautiful plantings and rock,

to turn the eye sore into a feature.

Whenever I get there I'll be sure to share.

I found these adorable little cattail bird feeders.

I can't resist these, and at some point

they will find a home in my backyard.

More adorable bird feeders,

this time in a cute acorn shape.

I can so see these hanging from

some of my trees, once they

become a little more mature.

Aren't they the cutest?

I just had to include this piece of awesomeness.

This is a mason bee house.

I am so attracted to the shape and texture

of this cool house.

Mason bee's are non stinging,

smaller than a honeybee,

and are amazing pollinators.

So this little house will help your garden grow.

The last of the lovelies is this pretty

One day I hope to have little paths

like this one above

running through my back yard,

and when I do, I could easily see

this little birdbath decorating my garden.

Ahhh, isn't garden planning so much fun.

I'll keep you posted on my garden projects

in the warm days to come,

but until then,

I'll keep on dreaming...

*peace & love*


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  1. Hi Carrie...

    Ugh, it is raining here too, has been all day and so gray and gloomy. I am dreaming of sunshine and flowers and at least 60 degrees.


  2. Carrie, those are some wonderful things you found there! I want to be sure and take notes! :-)

    I have just gotten back online today (long story I explained on my blog), but I want to put that link up to your other post. Thanks for that.

    Sending you warm hugs. I will be MIA (as explained in my post), but I will be sure and catch up with you when I return!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Wow Carrie, all of your garden finds are gorgeous!!! I love the bird feeders and the sweet mason bee home! Hope Spring hurries up and settles in for you so your garden will grow & you can enjoy placing all of these gorgeous finds in it! Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina x

  4. I love your gorgeous garden finds! I recently posted about a bistro table and chair set I am dreaming of for my backyard.

    It was sunny, but cold here today, we are getting all of the rain the next three days. Ugh!

  5. It is nasty & rainy here too! (Pac NW) These days are so hard for me! Esp. when we've had such gorgeous 65-70 degree weather!

    I absolutely adore those acorn feeders! Those are sooooo cute!! I might be needing some of those! :)

  6. love those cattail feeders...I have all manner of things coming up in the garden...but too chilly and rainy here today to enjoy...

  7. Love the cattail & acorn bird feeders! Lots and lots of chilly rain here too (and in the forecast for the next few days) ~ Looking forward to reading about your garden projects ♥

  8. I love your taste! and boy,have you ever got me in the mood to plan some fun things out! Have a great week Carrie :)

  9. Ooh, fun springy finds! I'm excited for you and your garden!

    But if you don't mind, when your summer weather arrives, would you mind sending us some of it? I'm afraid we're going to be in the triple digits sooner rather than later! It was already in the mid 80's today. UGH. Can I live vicariously through you?

  10. These were so fun and lovely. My favorite is the mason bee house. Our polinator bees are dying out all the US. If it were only the killer bees that would go caput... Love the idea of bees that don't sting. That was new info to me. Thanks. :)

  11. Such wonderful finds! Thank you so much for sharing. :) Loooove those little acorn bird feeders and that bee house, wow!

    Happy Monday!!


  12. What an interesting subject for a post. Lovely. I particularly like that acorn feeder. What a change from any I have seen.


  13. Looks lovely! Spring is such a wonderful time of the year isn't it? Have a great week!


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