{ cabin fever }

Aaaagh, enough already. Snow and rain yuck. I've been in this house since Friday, and now I'm starting to go a little crazy. The kids have been having a blast with their friends over every second, and I just can't seem to get anything done. I don't know why having everyone in the house messes me up so much, but my routine is kaput. I've gotten very spoiled having the house to myself all day. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids, but having a house full can put a strain on anyone, even if they are great kids.

A little snow, a chai tea latte, and some solitude that's all I need.
I just want to get out, go to Target, or a great Thrift shop have a Starbuck's and walk around looking at all the things I want but don't need.
That's another thing, I'm on a new budget. Yuck, budgets stink too. Okay, I sound like a total spoiled brat, and I guess I am in the fact that I've forgotten how to say no to myself. I want something I buy it,
but I'm looking around on etsy, and there they were. I knew I didn't really need two new "vintage" skirts and a sweater, nevermind that I spent only 26 dollars, because that was 26 too much. Usually, not always, but usually. I actually got reprimanded last night for buying some new clothes, well, they weren't new new, they were vintage, but new to me. I knew I shouldn't have gotten them, What's wrong with me??? I really have a problem. 

Am I...... could I be...... (dun dun dun)

a shopaholic?

it's burning a hole right through to my leg - OUCH!. Oh no, that's it! If I have any money at all in my pocket, 

Am I alone in this?  

not always things I need necessarily, but things nonetheless. I have a need to buy things, to look at things,  

Soooo, I'm going to make a commitment to go on a spend { for me } freeze, starting today. I'm going to use this blog to help keep me on track. I'm going to TRY, and buy nothing new for myself for the rest of this month. { I'm expecting a new pair of earrings from etsy, ordered yesterday, but after that, that's it .....seriously. } 

I'm making it a month because I'm trying to do this in baby steps. I know that come spring I'll fall apart, because that's when travel season hits. { and a girl has to have new vacation clothes }

This will make Papa so happy, so send me all of your strength and well wishes so I can make him and myself proud. I Can Do this. I can. no really I can.

xoxo from rehab - Carrie
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  1. oh dear, I am afraid I am on the same wagon as you my dear and you know what...I would love to say that I will be there with you, but I have the flea market on Sunday and ughhhh, I know I will buy something. What about on Monday, if I start on Monday does that count?? I need to start saving more too, I am so bad, I love shopping and buying things, little things that don't add up to much but make me happy....I might be a shopaholic too, uh oh...rehab here I come. Ok Monday, I will try...to not buy anything for a month. I know I can do it, right???

  2. I love it, yes, monday would work too, lol. I couldn't pass up a big flea market either. We'll have to be support for each other. I just haven't decided if I'm forgoing shopping for my shops too. I have tons of stuff to list still, but the urge to thrift argh, it, it's too strong. I will do it, I will, may the force be with me. ;)

  3. I'm with you! Sooo hard. I was actually doing pretty good not buying anything for awhile there, but then I found some awesome deals at the thrift store and....aahh! I've managed to limit myself to things that have a purpose and are needed. So far, so good.

    You can do it, Carrie!


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