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I can't believe it's already Thursday, the weeks are 

flying by these days because I am so incredibly busy.

Spring has given me so many new projects to work on.... gardening,

keeping up with the lawn, making outside spaces clean and relaxing, re-organization, 

cleaning out closets, yard sales to get rid of the clutter, and the list seems to go on.

With so much to do I can hardly stay focused, and I am constantly overwhelmed.

My best friend gave me some advice the other day, 

she told me that my problem is that I have too many things going on 

and I'm trying to do a little bit of everything at once, 

she said I need to stop and focus on one project at a time. 

So I'm taking that great advice and for today, 

I'm going to be working on organizing my studio.

Right now it's an awful embarrassing mess.

My studio is functioning not only as a supposedly creative space,

 { which is totally uninspiring }, but as a storage and shipping space for my etsy shops.

There is just way too much going on in this one room.

My bestie suggested that I make my studio my creative only space,

an idea that I wholeheartedly agreed with.

image - container store

I purchased some wire shelves similar to this one above in white 

at target the other day on sale for $36.00 each { I had been watching them for a while now }.

I had the idea that I would put these in the garage for storing all of my shop & shipping items.

Best part of all is that my sweet best friend said she would come help me 

put them together this afternoon as it takes two people  

{ I can't continue to wait for papa to help me },

Thank goodness for best friends....I love you Koo Koo.

I spent a little time this morning looking for inspiration images for my studio.

Most of them are full of fun colors, as this is something I already have in my studio.

I also have dark wood shelving and desks that I'm not interested in painting

so I know that my studio will differ somewhat from these below.

I'm really interested in more storage ideas as my studio is mostly organized.

{ just don't pay any attention to all the stuff boxes and detritus on the floor }

I have a lovely little corner desk that I'm thinking of setting 

my long unused sewing machine up on, for fun sewing projects.

I'm loving all the fun colors in this space.

I'm loving the curtains and red pendant lamp in this room, and the idea of adding some sort of 

paper to the backs of my dark shelving to help lighten things up... that's definitely doable.

This one is a little busy with all the boxes, but I love the stacked fabrics.

More stacked fabrics, and that chair is the same color as my vintage knitting chair.

I love the maps rolled up in the corner in that really cool container, perfect for wrapping papers.

The paints on the shelf are what caught my eye in this photo, and more color.

I love everything about this space, very pottery barn-ish, again with the white furniture

that's not really an option for me.  I do need a rug though, and I'm still deciding on that one.

this is more of a kitchen setup, but I like the neatness and organization.

This one is another favorite, 

I'm in love with the mason jars on the wall, 

that great aluminum yellow chair, 

the pendant lights the walls....everything.

Well anyhoo, lots of great ideas to get me going,

I'll be back later when I have it all put together to share photos.

*peace & love*


images found here.

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  1. Your inspiration photos are delightful! best of luck on your organizing venture.

  2. I love all of your inspiration photos. They are truly... inspiring! :-)

    Colorful does it for me every time!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Great pictures to get you excited about your craft room redo! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. great find with those shelves!! i yeah i love spring and the to-do-list it brings hehe. i thrive on being busy. ;) and am fabulous at avoiding it. hehe.

  5. Loving all the inspiration photos! I couldn't pick my favorite. Happy bright colors! And I'm so with you on trying to take on too much at once. Let me know if you find the cure!

  6. Holy cow 36 bucks, I just spent triple that on mine. Good find.

  7. Hey Sis,
    I can pay you to come help me organize my office/craft room. If you'll accept payment in the form of hugs, laughter and a foot rub.

  8. I love all the inspiration photos! I like the red accents that showed up in some of them.

  9. Happy Mother's Day Sweet Carrie,
    Thank you for stopping by too! : ))
    Take Care,
    Have a great day!

  10. Some incredible inspiration here. I actually really love those wire shelves...I'm so glad you're using them in your studio and not the garage. Though they'd be great for the garage, too, I'm sure. Excited to see what you do! And by the way, hope you had a terrific mother's day :)


  11. Well coming from someone who LOVES color, those photos are awesome. Hope you had a very Happy Mothers Day.


  12. Love the inspiration photos...I need to organize our office asap!

  13. Hello : )

    L.O.V.E. your Blog! I would like to follow it but have no idea on how to do it through Blogspot. (I also have an account´t and i´ve been trying for the last half hour without any luck ) Could you help me please? thank you!


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