{ garden goody preview }

Okay, so I'm a little late with these photos,

seeing as how I took them to share for Mother's Day.

These are a few of my awesome { to me } finds,

at the yard sales and antiques stores last Saturday.

I just adore this old wooden "PET' milk crate.

I don't have any of the larger sized milk bottles { I'll be looking though }

so instead I've filled it with a collection of other bottles,

perfect for adding cut flowers to the center of my patio table.

I purposefully took this photo of it's most worn and aged corner.

It's filled with some of my favorites pretties from right here in my gardens....

{ I love spring } peonies, verbena, hydrangea, dianthus, 

and some cuttings from my favorite tree.

This beauty is an old wooden bread tray.  There were many to choose from,

there were old Merita ones, and a very cool Watts Bread Co. one,

but I chose this one purposefully because the writing is so worn away,

and it had the most excellent patina....I just love it.

I was originally going to use it for flowers, as you can see by the pots,

but sitting out last night I changed my mind and decided I will use it to

hold a collection of candles in glass jars instead. { now to find a collection of jars }

What do you think?  How would you use this old box ?

Forgive the lifelessness in this photo, it's certainly not how I think this beauty will

look when I've had a chance to add my flowers to her and the great old bucket.

I nearly died when I saw this guy out at the yard sale,  I literally ran over to stake my claim

before anyone else could realize how awesome it is.  { or maybe i'm the only one who thinks so }.

Anywhoo, I do think it's awesome, this very, very old wooden flower cart with it's amazing metal wheel.

I've already filled it with the pots from above, but I've yet to get to the farmer's market for flowers.

Oh, and please excuse the poor lorapetalum behind it, I just transplanted it,

and I'm pretty sure they aren't going to make it....though they look surprisingly good every morning.

I actually feel really bad, because I don't even want it there now that I have the cart,

but I'm not sure it could survive being moved again.  What to do, what to do?

So, what do you think I should do with this lovely little garden cart?

Should I leave it as is, or should I paint it?

Will flowers be enough color?

I'd love to know what you think.

* peace & love *

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  1. beautiful, Carrie. thank you for showing us the beauty around you!

  2. I love the cart, how awesome! I am such a color person that I would paint it. I do like the look of it right now, maybe you should fill it with colorful pots and flowers and then snap a picture for us!

  3. I have an old milk crate similar to yours that I lay on its side and use as a wine rack. It is heavy and stout, and I love it. The wooden box and the cart are great finds also. I would use the box as a tray and adorn it with a small vase/bottle of flowers, an old book, and either a candle or a ceramic piece of some kind. The cart is great as is. What fun things you find! xo,

  4. I love the cart AS IS!
    Oh how I would love to go hunting with you!

  5. Well I say paint it but I'm in a painting mood right now. My family stays out of my way when I'm like this...LOL! I think it would look fun red or black!


  6. Love it all! You're giving me ideas :)

  7. Hi, Carrie,

    This time I am passing on a blogger award to you in honor of the friendship and support you have given me and in recognition of the lovely world you bring to your readers. Please accept this as a token of my esteem and friendship.


  8. Carrie,
    You have some great finds! I think the flower cart is great as it is. If you wanted to paint it I think a pale blue paint(all chippy) would be great!
    Can't wait to see what you do with all your new treasures. :)


  9. Carrie, I would leave it as it is. I am in the process of trying to get some new wood to have exactly that finish. It only comes with age and it is beautiful!

  10. Oh what a great shot of those flowers!!! Love it, Carrie, and I also love what you found!

    As to the cart, why don't you fill it with flowers and then see. I have a goat cart that is painted grey and resembles old greyish wood. I have left it like that because I can use all sorts of colors with it. Painting might limit your color choices. But I've also seen colorful carts that are adorable. You could really go either way, so in other words, I'm no help! LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  11. Gorgeous, I say leave it the way it is and add all kinds of color with flowers, what a great find, and you know you stole my heart with your wood crates! happy Monday sweetie!

  12. hi carrie- i have had the pleasure of *stumbling* upon you via lovely tina- at rubies place....& i love todays post- am going to read more but had to have a little comment on your *finds*....how gorgeous are both the crate and the old flower cart.....lucky gal!
    i think its soo perfect that i would perhaps paint just the tray white and leave the rest as it is....with a tray full of pots & flowers i think the white would accentuate the colour more than enough....ohhh i'm a little envious-its a lovely find...you must post again when full & blooming...
    now going to read more and jump on your *followers* wagon...
    nice to meet you..
    melissa :)

  13. Carrie, I just love your crate and your bread tray! Your milk crate looks so lovely filled with your bottles and flowers - it has brightened a very dark rainy and cold Autumn day here. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous treasures and your beautiful flowers, they have made my day ~ Tina x


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