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On recent trips to my local farmer's market I have seen many vendors selling lots of lovely succulents.

In the past I have never been a huge fan of succulents, but suddenly I find them very appealing.

I love their simplicity, their structure, their ease of care, and their wow factor.

Today at Lowe's, I picked out three new succulents.

I can't begin to tell you which ones they were 

because I had them out of the pots before I even looked at their names.

On my way home I stopped into my local Goodwill 

to look for interesting and inexpensive containers to plant them in.

I found some interesting bowls I thought might work.

Two being the little white pottery barn bowls above, 

I love their shape,  and for $1.00, you can't find a cheaper planter.

I picked out some of my milk glass containers,

as well as some old silver footed bowls, all previous thrift store finds.

I especially love how the succulents look in the aged silver bowls.

Once I started planting I just couldn't stop. 

I was taking bits from the few succulents I have in my own gardens

to add to the different containers I had rounded up.

When I had them all planted, I loaded them up in this garden basket also found at Goodwill today,

and took them up to my private little nook outside of my bedroom.

I purchased the cutest little vintage tea cart at a local antique store a few weeks ago,

and I've been looking for just the right plants to add to it.

I think these are the ones, they aren't too big, and they aren't too fussy.

So here is my first attempt at arranging my new goodies on my cart.

Hmmm.  It was feeling a little too busy for me, so I edited out a few planters,

and this is the arrangement I ended up with.

Simple and clean...

this way I can add some cute little tea time goodies in the future.

Maybe a cute little teapot, and some sweet tea cups.

I would really love to find some adorable tea towels too.

Okay, now my wheels are turning.

Somehow I think this isn't the last you will see of my tea cart.

* peace & love *

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  1. i "heart" goodwill but don't find too many fabulous things at mine. garage season is starting around here so hopefully i will find some cool stuff soon. i did get a lamp from goodwill once that still had the 40.00 target price tag on it and the shade had a 12.00 target tag on it. i paid 10.00 for the lamp and the shade. score!!! :D

  2. I love your tea cart Carrie. I also love your succulents. I have often looked at them in the nursery but they looked like they would be difficult to care for. Maybe I should give them a go, your displays are so beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  3. I love your succulents and the planters, too! You really have quite the collection there, and I agree, they do have a great look! I just wish I weren't a plant's worst nightmare. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  4. Carrie, they look fabulous!/ I especially like the one in the silver bowl.

  5. I love all of your little succulent displays...makes me think I might want to give them a try! Have a great weekend.

  6. I love this....simple and sweet and so creative to use bowls, makes them look vintagey!! :) you go girl, I think I need some now! ha!

  7. Of course I kind of liked the tea cart all full with your succulent collection. I guess because that is how I saw it as a "collection"

    So now i have decided don't you dare paint that cart. It just needed some pretties on it.

    Love your Sis

  8. Ugh, thats so gorgeous! You are pure talent my dear.

  9. How wonderful to have discovered your lovely blog!
    I adore succulents, due in no small part to the fact that I always kill a less sturdy plant. ;-)
    Yours look just beautiful on that darling cart.

    So nice to meet you!


  10. These are beautiful. My husband and I have been doing a lot of planting lately around our house. Anything green makes it feel more like spring! :)

  11. Carrie, potted succulents are the best! I love the myriad of textures and the cool greens. Pictures of your gardens always make me want to get out there in my own and get to digging. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love succulents too!
    They seem to have such substance to them.
    Pretty containers too Carrie.
    I love your name..same as my daughters. :)

    Deborah xo


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