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The first cherry blossoms to arrive on my property courtesy of my little Autumnalis Cherry Tree. I love this time of year so much. It is so fun to watch the little changes that are happening around you each and every day....the grass becomes a little greener, more blossoms pop out on the trees, and slowly the leaves begin to appear. Not only is this time of year a time for renewal of our earth around us, but a good time for personal renewal.

As a Catholic, we practice Lent as a time for spiritual reflection and renewal. This is a time of fasting and prayer... a time to give up little bits of our lives to show our appreciation of the greatest gift of life that was gladly given up for us. For me this should be my greatest Lent ever, I am filled with the Holy Spirit and I'm coming into Lent from a completely different place than in the past, and for this I am so thankful. I'm so looking forward to Easter and the joy it will bring.

What am I giving up you ask? Well first of all I am giving up SWEETS, as this is a constant temptation for me, and I know that I can only pass up a cupcake with the help of my sweet Jesus. Secondly, I'm taking this 40 days to deepen my spiritual walk by attending Mass every day during the week...this is not nearly as hard as giving up sweets, because I find that I can't start my day off well without it.  I look forward to Mass and receiving the Holy Eucharist, it is the best fuel for my tank. In fact, on Wednesdays I have to wait until evening mass to receive communion and this is very hard because I look forward to it so much. I definitely have better days when I receive it first thing in the morning. Honestly, the sun shines a little brighter, or the rains look more beautiful when I've filled myself with the Holy Spirit before taking on the rest of my day....everything and everyone looks more beautiful and I am much happier. We are also praying a rosary daily with our children, and it's so wonderful to see how their love for Jesus grows every day.

Are you enjoying the little signs of Spring where you are?  Or are you still in the throes of winter?  

Happy Monday!

:: peace, love & hugs ::

P.S. Curious about my Catholic faith? 
You can find answers to questions at Catholic Answers.

Catholic Defined...

Catholic comes from the Greek katholikos, the combination of two words, kata (concerning), and holos (whole). According to the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology, the word catholiccomes from a Greek word meaning "regarding the whole," or, more simply, "universal" or "general." The word church comes from the Greek ecclesia, which means "those called out," as in those summoned out of the world at large to form a distinct society. So the Catholic Church is made up of those called out and gathered into the universal society founded by Christ.

Information found on Catholic Answers
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  1. Very nice post, I enjoyed in reading.
    I love spring, I was born in April, when nature is awakening.
    Kisses and happy new week.

  2. We have had MArch Break that were warm and sunny, but this year our Spring is delayed. No blossoms yet.

    You are very commited to your beliefs. I admire that.


  3. Hi Carrie! I'm so glad to see your post! And oh, I love what you are doing. We are catholic too and I understand the deep commitment. You are doing a wonderful thing with your family this lenten season. God is seeing it all and you are in His blessings.
    Hope to see more posts from you soon! :)

  4. The rain has come and the snow is melting somewhat and the green is starting to peak through the snow..spring is coming, but it has been cold lately.
    I absolutely think that cherry blossoms are jst about the most beautiful blossoms ever!
    Beautiful post with the fragrance of our Master..love this.
    Blessings sweet sister-in-Christ \0/

    Deborah xo

  5. Oh, you guys are all so sweet...thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement.

  6. Your cherry blossoms are beautiful. I've been painting cherry blossoms today in honor of Japan. I attended the Rite Of Election this weekend...I am becoming Catholic. I have been a Christian for 27 yrs. but the Lord lead me out of the nondenominational christian church and into the Catholic over a year ago. My husband was raised Catholic so for him it is like 'coming home'. We have found the peace that has been missing for many years. ox

  7. a sure sign of spring when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. WELCOME SPRING!


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