:: sleepy kitty

{ my sweet Cheeto }

It's a rainy blah day here today, and this is what I wish I could do....but alas, there is laundry to be done, floors to be cleaned, beds to be made...and the list goes on.

I started a new workout on Monday, and today is the day I'm finally really feeling it...I could hardly walk this morning when I got out of bed. I just keep visualizing the inches I'm going to shed and the firm butt I'm going to have & this gets me through the pain : ).

I hope you all are having a wonderful morning wherever you are, and hopefully some sunshine unlike me. If you missed yesterday's post, there is a coupon code for Overstock.com for all of my sweet friends. Now I'm off to get some cleaning done....that is if I don't curl up like a kitty first ; ).

:: peace, love & hugs ::
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  1. Aw! He is adorable! I had a sweet orange kitty named Cheddar--I love orange cats :)

    I hope you get a nap in today ;)

  2. I love Cheeto! I have two cats and adore them as much as my kids.
    I seriously need to start working out but always find SOME lame excuse. Send some motivation my way!! ;-)

  3. Aww, what a cute one! Hey, when you are all done stop over here. I'll give you my list!! Ha, Ha! xx Liz

  4. Your Cheeto {love the name!} is too sweet :)

    Natasha xo


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