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Years ago on a trip to Italy I became a collector of wraps...wool, silk, cotton...it doesn't really matter, I just love a beautiful wrap. I was recently given two beautiful new wraps from Novica an online store featuring Artisans from around the world.

I chose these two wraps knowing that they would be the perfect pieces for an upcoming trip to Mexico. I've already worn these lovelies out and always receive complements on their beauty.

I love them.

I love that Novica is associated with National Geographic. My family loves to watch the National Geographic channel, I think it's so fitting that I be able to to receive and share these beautiful gifts with you. They have so many beautiful items to choose from in their corporate gifts section.

Like this lovely handmade cotton hammock...we all know how fond of hammocks I am.

Or these little lovelies... I love the jewel tones of these earrings.

How about a gorgeous Silk Batik Shawl it's just like mine but in another color way.

There are so many beautiful choices to choose from, lots of great ideas for Mother's Day....I know I'll be marking a few of my favorites for Papa.

:: peace, love & hugs ::

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  1. Beautiful! I love that store! A few years ago we got all the moms in the family gifts from there and everything is still being loved to this day :)

  2. The wraps are lovely, especially draped over that wicker chair. I wish I had a hammock...I'm going to have to consider where I could hang one. I love you blog, it takes me back in time to when I was a stay at home mom, fluffing my own sweet nest!

  3. Gorgeous wraps!! Have fun in Mexico! I've never been but we eat a lot of Mexican food. Does that count??
    I'm going to look up the store now.
    Have a happy Easter.

  4. I love the wraps!
    The jewelry is so pretty too.
    And I adore hammocks :)
    National Geographic is amazing...just love their photos!!

    Deborah xo


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