:: love your wood

Do you have wooden utensils like these?

Are they healthy & glowing?

Well, below is a photo of mine before they had a nice little oil massage yesterday.

Don't they look dry and unhappy?

Well the solution to the problem was quite inexpensive.

I simply purchased some inexpensive mineral oil from the pharmacy section of my local Target.

I compared the cost for the wood oil in the kitchen section, which is exactly the same thing by the way...

nothing but 100% mineral oil at $6.00 a small bottle compared to my $1.60 something for much more.

I gathered up all of my wooden kitchen goodies like this vintage rolling pin,

and got to work giving them a good coating with a clean dry cloth.

I let them sit a few minutes to absorb the oil, then I just buffed them a bit with another dry cloth.

Here they are all happy and moisturized, don't they look so much better?

They must feel quite happy that they are no longer neglected & sad looking.

All it took was a little time & elbow grease and they look & feel good as new.

I also had a happy accident { knocking over the bottle }

which resulted in my kitchen table getting a makeover as well.

Here it is before, also sad, dry and splotchy...see how dull the finish is.

Now look how refreshed and smooth she looks.

I simply waxed on & waxed off a'la Karate Kid.

What do you think? Improved?

Have you loved your wood lately?

*peace, love & hugs*
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  1. Carrie they look wonderful!
    My husband loves wooden utensils and buys new ones when we go on holidays :)
    Thank you for this helpful post...they look so healthy-looking!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. I have not loved my wood lately, but I should. I should also get a wonderful wood spoon collection like yourself and get on refinishing my kitchen table. Thanks for the inpiration!

  3. What a fabulous tip to get the mineral oil from the pharmacy section! No, I haven't "loved" my wood for ages, but judging by your photos, it looks like I should! ~Kristin (used to be from Windy Poplars, but now from Kristin's Veranda)


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