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I don't know about you,
but I haven't been able to go thrifting much these days.
Luckily....well....not really....but kinda,
I had to take my van in to be repaired the other day.
Here's where the lucky part comes in, instead of waiting in an
uncomfortable dealership waiting area, 
I was able to cross the street to my favorite thrift store.
Unfortunately this is it's new home across town...
it's a little out of the way for me now,
buuuuttt...it is my favorite so it'll be worth the extra effort.

Here are a few of the goodies I picked up while I spent about 1 1/2 hours there
while waiting for my van. I thought after a while they might even put me to work,
or at least charge me for taking up all of the space behind the counter with my goodies.

Here goes...

I'm in love with this find, a very nice dried lavender arrangement in a great metal container.
Cost for me $20.00, original cost according to the tag $269.00

Can you say major SCORE.

How about this adorable vintage glass lamp....isn't the combination of aqua & clear glass lovely.

How about this gorgeous vintage brooch in aquas and greens.

I love this vintage Sarah Coventry necklace, isn't that design so cool & different.

These old glass insulators are the coolest, one is from Lynchburg, 
and the other Hemingray....wherever that is.
Love that aqua glass...how pretty were power lines back then.

Then I found these pretty depression era custard dishes 
made by Glasbake "pat." May 27, 1911.

A lovely hand painted vintage compact, isn't this sweet.

I also found this lovely vintage pattern.  I really love the style of this dress,
and though I don't sew I think I'll have to commission someone to make one for me.

Anyone out there?

Now, that's all of the vintage goodies I found,
but I'm not always just looking for vintage.
I look for supplies, and sometimes I look for clothing as well.
I am a thrifty girl after all, I find no shame in re-using & recycling clothing.
In fact, some of my favorite pieces are thrift store finds.
Nothing makes me happier than finding a great piece for a steal.

It was my lucky day, because all clothing was half price...
and I had nothing but time to kill.

First I found some supplies, a couple of old knobs for 10 cents a piece, 
then a whole glad container full of these curtain hooks for $1.00.
I have plans for both of these items in the future.


Oh, and did I mention how much I love books & reading?
I couldn't leave without this one...I'm really looking forward to reading 
it while sitting on the beach all next week { weather permitting }.
I think I'll find lots of good inspiration and wisdom in this book...
Love the title.

Okay, so back to clothing...

I'm just going to show you some of the details that made me choose each piece.


The pink top is Anne Taylor, and I love the lace & velvet detail, it's super soft and long sleeved.

The brown top is Liz Claiborne, and I love the little ruffles on the sleeves & collar also super soft.

The cute floral skirt is Gap, and look at that sweet trim, I love the soft yellow color too. 

Aside from the wrinkles in this skirt, I'm loving the pretty floral on white background,
the skirt is mostly white so not too much of this pattern. Skirt is IZOD.

No closet is complete without one go with anything denim skirt, 
and this one from Ralph Lauren is going to come in handy this fall.

I might even pair it with this lovely pink & green button down 
when I'm feeling extra preppy { also Ralph Lauren }
 I think I even have some cute grass green flats to finish it out.

Oh, and one more vintage find...
this great vintage slip,
I'm dying over the cute pleating and lace details,
the hemline is ruffle-y and gorgeous.

Oooh, I almost forgot the one thing every woman loves...
because it's the one thing that always fits...

Blue Suede Shoes to be exact.
Pretty, sexy, peep toe blue suede shoes...

Okay, are you still with me?

I know that was a lot of stuff huh.

Like I said it is my favorite Thrift Store...

Now you know why.

*peace, love & hugs*
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  1. WOW! Uhmmm TOTAL score! Thanks for showing off your finds :D

  2. It's like Christmas! Great finds. Loving those custard cups. They are so dainty and elegant but, simple. You need to get that van fixed more often Carrie. Ha, Ha
    xxx Liz

  3. Ohh that makes me want to go thrifting..great finds, love the bucket!!

  4. The lamp is my favorite its the cutest.

  5. I love the lamp! Aqua always draws me. I always look for glassware and books while I go thrifting. For my birthday this year my mom got me a 14 piece vintage punch bowl/cups/ladle set and I was so excited!! :) Thanks for sharing~Have a great day!

  6. I love the aqua as well. What do you do with it all?


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