:: new curtains

Finally my new curtains arrived and I put them up yesterday morning.
Sorry these pics aren't the greatest but I wanted to share.
You can have a peek at my sidebar to see what it looked like without them.
They definitely add some much needed height & warmth.

What do you think?

I've also been spending some time crocheting and hope to share soon.
We are going to visit our dog Libby at training camp this afternoon,
we are so excited to see her and her progress.
It's been harder than I thought not having her around, and we have 3 more weeks.
I can't wait to have a sweet little dalmatian who listens to us though.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too.

I can't believe how close Christmas is now can you?

{peace, love & hugs}
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  1. I love the new curtains!! I'm stuck in the crochet dept. When you turn, do you chain 3 then turn? I started again while on Vaca. at my Mom's. Then, got stuck. I'm doing Double crochet Carrie, for a refresher.
    Have a great Saturday!
    xxx Liz

  2. Hi Carrie,
    I love the new curtains. They look great. I cannot crochet but I can knit although I haven't knit one thing yet this year. I bet you do miss your puppy. She will be so well behaved though after its all said and done.

  3. Love the look of the new curtains. I have the same curtains and blinds! Room looks beautiful! Merry Christmas

  4. They add the perfect softness to the room. It's amazing what a difference such a little change can make. Your room looks like a place that would be hard to leave. Patty

  5. The curtains are beautiful and look wonderful hanging there.

  6. ooh love the new curtains! digging the whole feel of your living space.
    So light & comfy looking

  7. What a cute little step-stool side table! andrea@townandprairie

  8. Oh, I love the new curtains. The shades are gorgeous too.

  9. I think the style is nice but it makes the living room too bland. Maybe if you put up curtains with some pattern for a "pop" appeal that would warm up the room.

  10. “Sorry these pics aren't the greatest but I wanted to share…” – This statement is rather an understatement, Carrie! These were awesome! I like your taste in choosing the right curtain. It is quite simple, but gives living room a classic personality. The chest box is a little too much for me. Maybe you can get a center table for your space.

    Roxie Tenner


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