:: beadboard vs. barnwood

Beadboard vs. barnwood, this is my dilemma. I am currently in the process of getting a new pantry {I recently posted about it here}. In approximately one week we will have the new pantry installed. So...the pressure is on to decide what I want to do to the back wall of my pantry. Do I simply paint it, or do I add some panache by adding a great looking wallpaper? Do I do it before it's installed, or do I add it later? Right now, I'm leaning towards just having it painted because it's simple and less work. However, I'm loving these great wallpaper choices that are available, especially these great distressed looks.

So what's your opinion? Do I go ahead & try to have it painted? Or...do I add the wallpaper, and if so do I hang it before or add it after the install? So many questions & decisions to be made, so little time. 

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, my kids & I are off to the mountains for a weekend of treasure hunting at the Hillsville Virginia Labor Day flea market.  Hopefully I'll come back with some awesome goodies to share with you. If you are close by, I highly suggest going it's a great event & the whole town is turned into a treasure hunters dream.

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. Well I have never been known to be the best decision maker (given too many choices) but I really like #3, #4 and #5....I know, not terribly helpful, right? I would go with your gut decision!

  2. Paint would be my first and only choice. I love your inspiration photo of a couple of blogs past....and apparently you did too.

  3. Hi Carrie!
    I love the beadboard look, and the dream pantry you posted a pic of is very clean and elegant looking. I've also seen pantries that used a bright contrast paint color on the back wall to give the space some zip, open it up and brighten it. Not having seen your kitchen/pantry it's hard to give an opinion but I am sure it's going to look great!

  4. I put beadboard in my guest bath and I love it! So fresh and clean

  5. So, how was the flea market in Hillsville? I have wanted to go for a few years now and it seems it just never works out. Seriously, this year I forgot about it but told my husband we are going next year!! ;) I have heard it is pretty junky (t shirts, etc.) so is it worth the 3 hours it would take to drive there? I share simular taste as you. ;) Can't wait to see your pantry too. I like all the choices. ;)


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