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I'm working today on my fall/winter planting. I don't usually do this, but before I put my plants in the ground I decided to do a quick layout to decide where I would place them. Using Sketchbook Pro 6  to create my artwork & Carrots love Tomatoes & Roses love Garlic by Louise Riotte as a reference for companion planting I drew up this plan for my fall/winter garden.

So there you have it, my fall/winter garden plans. Now, I'm off to buy some Black Cow & Epson salts to amend my soil & get my plants into the ground before the rains come.

Have a wonderful weekend.

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. Love this idea and your little garden plan. Very lovely blog and your photography is exceptional.

  2. Love that layout and the inspiration for it! I had bought my cool crop seeds ( organic or heirloom of course ) and bags of humus to ammend my raised beds but have yet to get anything in the ground. I keep finding birdhouses to decoupage, halloween costumes to sew and now.....I have added a Cricut to all the other projects I have on my plate.

    Your post just reminded me to prioritize. Thanks for the gentle reminder! :)

  3. Cool page indeed! I certainly learned a lot from this page. I've must do some reading myself too. Got be ready!


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