:: farmer's market

v e r b e n a 

p e o n i e s

g r e e n   o n i o n s

b o k   c h o i

love the little green chalkboard signs the Farlow Farm of Archdale used, they had the best farm stand display, barn wood & rusty tin perfection.

l i l i e s    &    f r e s h   b r e a d

d e u t z i a

p u s s y w i l l o w

T h E  E n D

Close ups of a wonderful day spent at the Greensboro Farmer's Market. I mistakenly left all of my other lenses at home so macro photos it was. I'm more than a little behind in sharing these photos from a surprise visit to my Mom for mother's day at the Greensboro Farmer's Market. You can find her at Still Hollow Farm selling her vegetable plants, jellies, jams, jewelry, gourd art, and any other crafty thing that catches her fancy....she's such and inspiration to me.

{ peace, love & hugs }
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  1. I love market days ... and what a wonderful day you had at yours!
    Your mums booth {and it's name} sounds adorable.


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