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I'm several years behind in sharing this little potting nook that I created at my former home. It was in the perfect spot, right outside of the garage and under a shade tree. I could just back right up to it & unload my farmer's market treasures. I loved that little desk/potting bench it was so convenient and it added much needed life & charm to it's location. 

I found the vintage desk at a local antique store for ten dollars. I was instantly attracted to it's color. The fact that it was already shabby & rusty made it perfect for outdoor use. Everything else I simply had lying around the house already. All I had to do was add some pretties like the caladiums & geraniums. I sure miss this little space, but in time I'll create a cute little potting area at our new home as well. For now this one will live on in my memories and here on my blog.

This old Windsor style chair had been with me since my first apartment ha ha,
years of sitting outside gave it a nice chippy & worn patina perfect for this spot. 

Hope you enjoyed my little potting nook, I really miss that cute little space under the trees. 

Do you have a potting nook, shed, or table? I would love to see...leave me a link :).

Happy Gardening!

{peace, love & hugs}
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  1. Hi Carrie. It's good to hear from you! Your potting nook was perfect. I did have a potting table at my last house and I never used it. It was fun to fix it up and make it look nice though.

  2. So charming! I love a potting area and yours is just perfect!

  3. love potting areas & yours is charming! the colour of your vintage desk is gorgeous.
    I have a little potting table that my children bought me for mother's day ~ it's probably 22 or so years old. I love it. It has shelves and a little sink area ... hooks for tools etc.


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