{ do you RUE? }

Well, do you?

Funny thing... I wrote the title to this post before going to rue's twitter page,

and what do you know...it's there all over there page.


I just found out about this great online magazine thanks to 

Ashlee over at the Prairie Cottage, who so sweetly let me know 

that my {mid century floral swanky swigs }  were actually in it.

Thanks so much Ashlee... I never would have known.

So go on over and visit Ashlee at her Prairie Cottage,

she's a fellow graphic designer and her blog is just lovely,

full of great thrifty decorating ideas and fabulous recipes.

Now, on to rue

I was so excited...I know it's a small thing, but hey I'll take any exposure I can get.

So here they are on page 150 of the Premiere Issue of rue.

Drooling over this kitchen,  Hey, I have those spice bottles...time to break them out...

i n s p i r e d

I never leave my jewelry out like this, but maybe I will now, and those glasses (gotta have em)...

i n s p i r e d

Can you ever get enough birds?  This bedding is to die for.  I love everything about this simple space...

i n s p i r e d

Color, I love it...old cameras, love them...Johnny Cash, love him...dress forms, can't get enough...

i n s p i r e d

Fabulous studios, woven blinds, wire baskets, chalk boards, and inspiration clotheslines...LOVE IT...

i n s p i r e d

So much fabulous inspiration.

Amazing photos... I want to live in these spaces.

I better get to work, and create my own.

Other peoples creativity amazes me,

I'm not sure I can even classify myself as creative anymore,

that bar is just way too high.

:: peace, love & hugs ::


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  1. Congrats, Carrie~ how fun! And thanks for the heads up about the magazine!

  2. Thanks so much, and your welcome...it's a great source of inspiration.

  3. You are too sweet, your kind words made my day! I thought it was awesome that I stumbled upon your little 'feature' and I just had to tell you! Pretty cool!

  4. Looks like a great magazine, have to check this out. Thanks to you (and to Ashlee) for the info.

  5. Congratulations Carrie! That is so cool! I hope it brings you lots of sales. :)


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