{ working 9 to 5 }

Now, Now, don't get too excited, I didn't go and get a job outside of my home as a seventies secretary.

Though, I am mostly a secretary to my family with all of our schedules and family business.

I've just been working from sunup to sundown lately... homesteading.

Hence the 9 to 5 title... I'm back at work, and summer is officially over. : (

No lady of leisure time going on around here....YET.

That is why you haven't seen me around the blogdom too much lately.

I've been so busy doing my early fall maintenance around my home that I just haven't had time.

Actually, it's been kind of a nice break...I have gotten so much more accomplished around here.

I've planted flowers & trees, I've organized my kitchen drawers ( I'll share pics soon ),

cleaned out and organized my fridge ( more pics to share soon ), and much, much more.

This is my equivalent of spring cleaning, except, I'm getting ready for my hibernation.

I'm getting all of my outside projects done now so that when the nice cool days arrive,

I'll be able to sit around with my knitting projects, relax and enjoy.



These photos are of my lovely vintage typewriter on my keeping room desk.

That was a project I tackled before school started, clearing it off and organizing.

I'm still working on the bookshelf area above, which is a little difficult to arrange

 in a way that pleases me, when I get there I'll share some pictures with you.

Hope you all are doing well, 

I'll be on a regular blog schedule as soon as It gets too cool to plant.

peace, love and {{hugs}}


just plain ol' Carrie, 
I was trying to throw my middle name in there for a while, 
only a very few people ever call me by Carrie Ann, 
and they've known me since birth...I wish it had stuck because I really like it.
Anywhoo, now you know ; ) 
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  1. I am quite sad to see summer go...more work lately for me too. Especially since my teacher hubby is back at work.

    LOVE this typewriter!!

  2. Where did you get that mug? Love it! Also, did you know that some of your vintage glasses on Etsy are featured in the new online mag Rue? I figured you already knew, but if not, you need to check it out! :)


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