{ if I could sew }

Once upon a time when women did it all, they made their own aprons.

If I could sew, I would SO sew one of these lovelies.

or maybe on of these...

if only I still had a little girl who I could dress up.

Then I might putter around in the gardens wearing one of these.

When I'm done I might put on one of these to go to town,

and I would dress my little girl in one of these.

When we are all done for the day I'll bring her home and put her in one of these,

especially with little pigtails in ribbons.

Oh my gosh, I adore all of these sweet patterns... if only I could sew.

Maybe you can, if so, you can find these darling patterns in my vintage shop,

It's my hope that someone who can sew will find them 

and re-create some of these fabulous vintage outfits.

Hope you all are doing well,

I've been very busy hunting up new goodies to add to my shop.

These are just a few of my recent finds, you can check out the rest of my new finds

in the Fresh Finds section at { the vintage wren }.

:: peace, love & hugs ::

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  1. I find that the pictures on the patterns always look way better than the finished piece. And also, check out the waist on the woman in the blue dress in the third pic. Yikes!


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