:: my breakfast nook

Welcome to my new breakfast nook.
Well, I'm not quite sure if it really qualifies as a nook,
but that's what I'm calling it anyway.
This is my eat in kitchen which as you can see,
is directly beside of my keeping room.

Anyhoo, I've been nursing a nasty sore throat
all morning with Lemon Ginger tea & lots of honey.
Needless to say, cleaning and getting my house back together
isn't really what I want to be doing today {snuggling in bed would be more like it}.
Instead I'm forcing myself to get this house back together for my family.

I'm leaving Thursday for the Country Living Fair in Atlanta,
and I hate to leave them with a horrible house...no matter how bad I feel.
So anyway, I thought I would snap a photo of the rooms that are actually together.

Hope you are having a wonderful day where you are.

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. O absolutely adore it, Carrie! This looks wonderful.

    Feel better and take good care of yourself. I particularly hope you feel better before you have to leave town, but when you do, have a great time!



  2. Carrie, loving your new paint color!! The breakfast nook is beautiful...everything is so light and airy!! Love it!!


  3. Swoon. Wish I could keep such a pretty white space... Your home is beautiful! Hope you feel better and have much fun at the fair!

  4. I want a rug underneath my kitchen table. How do you like yours? Any tips on keeping the red sauce from hitting it?

  5. looks beautiful and welcoming to me!
    Enjoy your trip.

  6. Its beautiful!!
    Sorry about the sore throat :/ Hope you'll be feeling better quickly! Have fun in Atlanta~!

  7. I love your new breakfast nook- it makes me want to sit down and have a cup of coffee- Have fun in Atlanta, I'm jealous. I'm the same way about leaving my house clean when i'm going away- even though I almost always come home to an unclean house with three boys left to their own;)


  8. A light, bright and beautiful room! I hope your throat is feeling better.

  9. Just beautiful. I love the look.

  10. It is just gorgeous! Send in your home to The Painted Cottage! It's so bright, airy, and beautiful. Have tons of fun at the fair and take lots of pics! andrea@townandprairie

  11. What a beautiful new look! Love the warm, bright colors...and all the cozy fabrics you've used. So very inviting! Can't wait to see more :-) (and hear all about the CL Fair!)

  12. Girl your place is looking amazing! love how light abd bright your home is and all the warm colors~ hope you are feeling better and had fun at the show!! xoxo

  13. where did you find that dining set??? I love it! mickiduvall@cox.net

  14. Hello Carrie, I love your breakfast nook!! Those are my colors in my kitchen. I would love to know where I could buy the table and chairs in your nook?
    Thanks C J


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