:: she's a brick

She's a brick----house
Mighty might just lettin' it all hang out
She's a brick----house
The lady's stacked and that's a fact,
ain't holding nothing back.


Okay guys, I have brick on my mind this morning.
While I was gone away this weekend our refrigerator decided to pop a leak.
Our pretty wood floors that were entirely refinished only years ago due to extensive water damage,
are once again ruined....me thinks we aren't meant to have an entire house of wood floors.
Back then we had to completely move out to have floors replaced & refinished,
as our entire main level has hardwood floors & nowhere to stop or end.

Not really sure I'm ready to go through all of that again,
so this time we are thinking of replacing the floors in the kitchen & keeping room.
Still a huge job, but our insurance will pay for the replacement,
and we are thinking of something that can stand up to water this time.
Wood kitchen floors as lovely as they are, are not practical...too many water appliances.

Soooo, the first thing that popped into my mind was brick.
I love the look of old brick floors in a kitchen area.
I had a friend who lived in an old farmhouse & the floors were brick,
way back then I fell in love with them and said I would one day have them in my kitchen.
Well, looks like now's the time...and I'm ready for a nice change.
A little looking around on Pinterest has me stoked about my options.

I'm really loving the herringbone pattern of the floors in the first photo above.
Not sure about the color though, as this is very similar to the brick on our house.
I want a really rustic, maybe a little more brownish brick.
Definitely herringbone patterned though...love it.

Nice to see the brick in a kitchen that has painted cabinets...love the gray.

This is more like our kitchen with the wood finish cabinets.
I really like the look and think the floors will really make the room.
I like that these bricks are really big, again in a herringbone pattern.
I would also love to get the farmstyle sink & fixtures,
and add old planks to the inside of my pantry....how cool.

I love to dream.

This floor is really nice too, and I love the contrast of the white walls with the brick.
That black dutch door is awesome too, I just love everything about this entry.

So, what do you think?

Should we go for it?

What's your favorite flooring option in a kitchen?

I'm really excited to finally after 8 years get to add some unique touches to this house.

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. Love the look of brick floors. Our foyers, living room and solarium are all brick. They are very old, from a factory. One of the bricks have an imprint of a finger in it from the person who made it. They are easy to care for too. And if they get water on them as mine does ofter from watering plants, it doesn't matter. Can't wait to see what you decide.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. love these! I have brick floors as well and I just can't say enough!

  3. Lovely images! I feel your pain, we had to move out a year ago and remove everything from our first floor too! What a pain on the butt that was. We had the floor refinished only to have a leak this past hurricane season, thank God we were home so we could mitigate the damage.

    I think the brink floor is so beautiful! What a wonderful application.

    Cannot wait to see what you do! Hope you are not having too much dificulty with your house in disaray. That drives me crazy!

  4. Such a nice house! Great photos! Love , Zondra

  5. I love this look, Carrie! SO goodlooking!

    I will offer this bit of advice. I entertain a lot and spend a lot of time in the kitchen at home. We have hard Mexican quarry tile in there, and after a while, it gets to your legs. However, with that being said, you can buy some sort of mat at the place where chefs get their supplies (possibly online) that will help keep your legs/feet from hurting when you stand and wash a bunch of dishes or are cooking a long time. I like my ceramic (hard surfaces) fine except for that one thing. And I think brick floors are WONDERFUL. Very good looking. Think about having the grout sealed, though. Talk to someone who installs them and see what they say.

    I have wood in our other place, but I can well imagine what would happen if you had something like that happen. I'm so sorry your floors got hurt!



  6. go for it! i have always dreamed of brick floors in our kitchen...

  7. Cute post....that is actually sung by commodores Lionel Ritchie front man. Rick James does Super Freak...i am a HUGE disco Fan. Anyhoot I always love how you start out your post with an uber cool song...have a great day!!!


  8. Thanks Sheila, I've changed it....I did a quick google search this morning and for some reason it gave me Rick James. I love Super Freak too...takes me back to my youth & skating around at the Roll a' Rink.

  9. I love the kitchen with the brick floors and grey cabinets... I love that the grout is grey as well... unfortunately, now I have that song stuck in my head... ugh!! :)

  10. I think the brick floors would be lovely!

  11. Love all the photos! I would love to have brick and wood in this farmhouse!

  12. I never thought of that...I have never been fortunate enough to have wood floors. Still waiting but we can only afford Pergo which I believe wouldn't get damaged. Our kitchen is large square stone tile. I have thought about putting stone throughout the house but I think it would be scary when we have young grandchildren running around someday. Brick is lovely in photos but I think might be too rustic in my own home. But if you love it...do it!

  13. Dying to know if you put brick down. I am thinking of doing the same thing, which is how I found you. (brick floor pic on Pinterest) I am wondering if you sealed the floors? I just keep thinking about wanting to mop them and seems impossible without a serious amount of glaze of some sort on top. Any idea?

    Brandy Demeris


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