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Happy Monday my sweets. Wow, how quickly and busily last week passed. 
I was too busy to get back here to post a thing. 
I spent my one free day {Thursday} cleaning my house, well at least my kitchen. 
I pulled everything off of my counters and piled it on the table & gave everything a good scrubbing.

That's alot of stuff huh. 
I really don't like my kitchen's backsplash, so I always try to hide as much of it as I can. 
Someday we'll invest in a new one I suppose, but there are always more important things to be done. 
I think I'll wait until I decide to do a whole kitchen renovation, 
like painting out the cabinets and I would love to have butcher block countertops. 
It just seems so wasteful when you already have granite....I should be happy with it I suppose.

We always seem to want what we don't have.

I'm in the process of choosing a paint color for the kitchen and adjoining keeping room. 
I've gotten the painting estimates and all I have left to do is decide on my color and give them a call.
Why is it so much easier to make these decisions for someone else's home? 
I have been mulling this over for months now.
I really want to keep my custom curtains,
so I'm trying to find a color that will work well with them.

I have my color choice narrowed down to Sherwin Williams Macadamia shown above, 
and it's lighter counterpart Softer Tan {which I recently used in my clients home & love}. 
I'm so ready for a change, but I'm also scared it will look all wrong when it's done.
I'm kind of afraid that I'll miss my warm bold red walls.
On the other hand....
I'm really looking forward to a lighter brighter space, 
and the illusion of more of it.

Anyhoo, that's what's going on around here, and here's what my countertops look like now.

I just love baskets, and you'll find them all over my kitchen....
anything natural and woven is good in my book. 
I also love vintage goodies too, so you'll see plenty of that as well. 
Most everything in this vignette was found at a Thrift store, minus the lampshade {Target}, 
and the vintage cookbook & wooden mortal & pestle which were both inexpensive antique store finds. 
I just adore my vintage brass lamp with it's cute candlestick look & pull chain switch.

On the left side of my sink & directly behind my island cooktop I have my vintage tool caddy. 
This was a local antique store find which I have had fun filling with vintage wooden utensils.
Will you just look at how clean and shiny my countertops are, wow,
that's a perfect reflection of my vintage look coffee grinder lamp.

So, what do you think about my red walls and new paint choice?

Do you redecorate your countertops very often?

What is your favorite kitchen accessory?

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday : )

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. I love all of your phtoso of r your kitchen treasures. I am like you in the respect that I hate to see all of the outlets and I do whatever I can do to cover them up. You have beautiful taste.

  2. I actually like your backsplash very much! Love your wooden tool caddy...I have a weakness for them. :) Like the soft creamy color for your walls and really like the fabric of your curtains!

  3. I like the red but I now use it in small amounts.I like the new color choice and it too will look good with a splash of red here and there.I do redecorate my counters often,I'm not sure why but I do.I don't care for granite myself butcher block would be awesome, maybe try to sell the granite.You could also just paint your backsplash.My fav accessory would have to be jars lots of them~Cheers Kim

  4. I think that's a nice color choice, Carrie. I can see that working well wtih your cabinets and counters and with your curtains, too. Be sure and check out how your friend's color looks in her house during the late fall (and winter if you have time), and that will tell you a lot. I not only look at a color at different times of the day, but I also try when time permits to look at it seasonally. Light varies at different times of the year.

    Our stager had me paint the kitchen and DR and below the chair rali in the hall Dunmore Cream by Ben Moore, and I miss my white. I particularly miss it in the summer when the leaves are off the trees and those rooms are more shaded. I like the other, but Coastal homes along the Atlantic were often painted white, and in Florida, we use lots of color so it's nice to have a clean white as a background, particularly when you are doing a nautical look. But I am finally getting used to the cream. LOL!

    I know whatever you do that you will make a great choice because you are so talented. I have complete faith in YOU!



  5. Oops... when the leaves are ON the trees and shaded. LOL! I think you knew what I meant. ;-)

  6. I'm thinking you made a good choice.But, I'm a neutral gal and have been forever. You won't be disappointed! Love that tool caddy. Only If I had larger counter tops. See, we always want what we can't have. Oh, well.
    xxx Liz

  7. I love clean countertops and yours look great! Love the basket vignette and I am a big fan of Macadamia. My walls are basket beige by sw..similar and I love it!

  8. Hi, long time no see! I love your chosen colour. Sadly for me we have a little kitchen so I can really decorate my countertop. I love big jars with seasalt and other herbs.


  9. I think the lighter Macadamia would look so fresh! Your countertops are great - we have these stone tiles with like a 1/2 inch of grout in between each and it's SOOO HARD to clean. So be grateful! But we rent, so it's nothing we can change :)

    Your kitchen is lovely. Looks like a great space for family cooking!

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  10. I'm trying again...I keep having a hard time leaving comments here. Word verification stumps me. I get totally bored with my kitchen all the time. I read so many magazines, I keep updating my kitchen every year with a new paint job. Maybe this winter I will paint the cabs and then the painting frenzy will cease. andrea@townandprairie

  11. Red walls for the kitchen would be fine as long as a light secondary color would match it so it wouldn't be too warm there. My wife doesn't redecorate counter-tops often, but we make it a point to always place recipe books (our fave accessories) to serve as our guide.

  12. LOL! I just noticed the dates!!! I'm pretty sure you've painted your walls a number of times by now...if you still live here! LMAO


I love seeing your lovely faces & reading your sweet comments. Thanks for taking the time to visit me : ) * I do my best to respond by e-mail, if I miss you please forgive me. peace & love * Carrie

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