:: back to life...

Back to life.....back to reality.....
{lyrics by En Vogue}
can you hear me singing it.

Well, not only am I singing it...I'm living it.

I had a super awesome time this weekend
at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta.
So much to see & so many creative women,
I wish I could have a place like that to go everyday.

Of course coming home sends me crashing into reality,
laundry, cleaning & the like...you know what it's like ladies.
My family did pretty well and several things were done,
but you know they just don't have the Mama touch.
Needless to say, I spent all of yesterday cleaning...
and playing around with some of my great finds.

Here are some pics of my Country Living Fair experience.

You may want to grab a coffee or tea,
I have lots to share.

First....a few pics of me and my girls.

My sweet & talented Mama aka Nana
{from whom I get all of my artistic talent & creativity}

Love you Mama, you're the best.

Then we have my beautiful & equally talented younger sister Tiffany.
Isn't she adorable.....Love you sweet sis ; ).

We had another member too....
I'm not quite sure how she escaped my lens
but I cannot leave her out she's my mother's lifelong best friend 
& my surrogate mother, aunt & friend Debbie....love you too lady.

Now that you have the players...
I'm gonna share some of the goods...

First stop was the Earth Angels tent.
Oh My goodness, what an amazing amount of creative goodness.

This led us to the first purchase of the day,
these beautiful hand sewn corsages/fascinators.
This is the one my sister picked which I absolutely adored,
that's the only thing about shopping with people who love 
the same things you do....they can beat you to the good stuff {ha ha}

I love mine also, it was just a little more subtle & soft.
Too funny, I just realized that they also match our personalities.
She is way more bold than I am...and that's what I love & admire about her.

Okay...can you say sidetracked...
back to the show...

I loved this sheep print, sorry don't remember which booth.

I thought this manni updo was just fabulous.
I love the chicken wire skirt stuffed with book pages.
My Lola is so getting a facelift soon...she WILL be covered in book pages.

We loved these upcycled tin flowers at SASSYTRASH.
She used old mini bunt pans & pie tins...genious.
I managed to pick up a couple of goodies from this booth,
you'll have to stay tuned to see what I do with them.

I know I've told you how much I love snowmen & women...
well these two take the cake, aren't they just amazing.
I love them so much, I wish I could have brought them home with me.
Of course in true creative style...I'm thinking of making my own.
Probably won't ever happen, but a girl can dream.

Well, that's it for me, 
I spent way more time looking & touching than taking photos,
so believe it or not this is all I have to share from the Country Living Fair 2011.

I cannot wait to go back next year, hopefully to Ohio this time.

How amazing is this chair.


{peace, love & hugs}

P.S. come back to see what goodies I purchased & how I'm using them : )
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  1. That chair is so cool, and I LOVE the bookpage manni! I recently got my hands on a male bust--and there is nothing fantastic to do with it. I need a female bust!

    Thanks for sharing your fun!

  2. Someday I hope to go! Looks like you had a ball and can't wait to see the goodies you got!!

  3. Lucky Girl!! I bet it was fantastic. Did you meet my Friend Jen, from Earthangel's? Thanks for sharing.
    xxx Liz

  4. I love the setting of this little fair - all those tall trees! Looks like a seriously inspiring place. Glad you had a blast!

    Kristina Gulino

  5. Looks like SO much fun! :) I wish I could have been there!

    ~ Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Lynn

  6. Hi Carrie, looks like you did have a good time! My daughter told me this morning to check out your blog (you got a metal stools and some wood chairs from us at Country Charisma). You are right, it really was a great show, and I wish I had more time while there to check out all the other wonderful booths. My daughter and I finally got to do a quick view on Sunday morning. Thanks again for visiting and shopping with us! Blessings, Carrell


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