:: finding fabric

Have you ever been on the search for the perfect fabric with no luck?

Checked all of your fabric stores in person & online...


Well, I find that sometimes in order to find the perfect fabric

you have to keep your eyes open and look in unexpected places.

These are the new window treatments in my clients kitchen.

I knew she wanted yellow, but the challenge came in finding just the right shade & pattern.

We checked our local fabric stores and shopped online with no luck.

We just couldn't find what we were looking for.

Then one day while shopping at TJ Maxx I spotted it.
It was the perfect yellow, and the pattern was just what we had in mind.
Nevermind that it was a duvet cover, I knew it was the perfect choice.
I purchased it & took it home for her approval,
and well as you can see she loved it....and we used it.
We decided on a style & then had her mother sew them up for us.

The rope knobs {LOVE} were found at Hobby Lobby, 
I simply drilled a hole into the wall for each knob & screwed them in.
The curtains are a simple rectangle with little loops sewn in and evenly spaced to allow for the drops.
I used jute twine to tie the little loops onto the knobs...easy peasy.
Voila'....custom window treatments.

I think they turned out great....how about you?

Here are the window treatments in her Master Bath.
For these we appropriately used shower curtains.
I found these shower curtains at Target,
the colors & design were perfect for the space.
Again, we had her mother sew them up for us.
These are also simple rectangles, very simple if you sew.

I purchased inexpensive rods also from Target to hang them.


 to avoid seeing the brackets at the ends of the treatment
I simply cut a slit in the back side of the fabric lined up with the bracket
to allow it to slip inside of the seam...hiding the bracket.
{I think this is a much cleaner look, I hate seeing the ugly brackets at the ends of pretty treatments.}

I used my ever trusty jute twine to make the ties.
I looped two lengths around, this also allowed me to easily adjust the length by pulling the twine.
I just gathered the fabric up until I had the look I wanted and repeated.
I especially love these treatments and the fabric with the branches, birds and butterflies.

Well, What do you think?

Did they turn out okay?

Are you thinking of new places to search for fabrics?

I also love to look for fabrics at thrift stores,
Old curtains, sheets, whatever is pretty.

Hope you are having a great Saturday.

{peace, love & hugs}


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  1. I am loving both the curtains and rope knobs! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here in New England!

  2. I know that print! I have those Target towels, I fell in love with the bird pattern, too! So pretty for a bath. andrea@townandprairie

  3. Hi Carrie,

    Just stopping by to say hi and see what you have been up to lately and I can see you have been busy. The yellow window treatments are so cute.

  4. Yes they are beautiful!
    I too, look at our local Value Village for fabric and sometimes find it there instead of our Fabricland. You are so right; start looking in unexpected places..you may just find the treasure youre searching for :)
    Beautiful curtains and a sweet momma to sew them up!

    Deborah xoxo

  5. Stopping by to say you have a lovely blog :)

  6. Love that color, smart to use a duvet!

  7. Well..your search paid off! Love the fabric and the treatment!

  8. I think they turned out wonderful! I love the yellow fabric and the trick you shared about hiding the hardware is genius!

  9. Your window treatment turned out beautiful! I know how hard it is to find the right fabric and yours is just perfect! I do love your blog and am following back!

  10. These are my kind of window treatments. I have repurposed shower curtains, remnants from Good Will and tablecloths to make window treatments. I've also made tablecloths from drapery panels! Great to think outside the box. I love the fabrics especially the Target one.

    Robin Flies South


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