:: indoor window garden

Here it is....
my indoor window garden.
This happens to be the only window in my home 
that receives direct sunlight throughout most of the day....
therefore, this is where I decided to put my herbs and a few house plants.

I finally rounded up some pots and a few vintage saucers
and got my little windowsill starters planted yesterday.
Here is my little thyme starter....isn't it dainty & cute.

My little window garden is appropriately in my kitchen, right behind my kitchen table.
I brought in this vintage bench from my hallway as a place to keep and display my plants.
I love the bit of the outdoors that it brings in.....green always makes me happy.

Hopefully with a little water & love
my little herbs will continue to grow &
eventually be large enough to harvest from.

Closer to spring I will use the bench to start some seeds
which I keep in my little SEED HOUSE COLLECTION tin.
I love my cute little seed tin & water spritzer both thrift store finds.

Do you have a sunny spot for an indoor garden?

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. So cute and inspiring. Can I ask if you put the wheels on your chair.. so clever for a regular farm chair... I have one but not sure if the legs are wide enough for wheels, at least i never thought of it before!

  2. Love the sun streaming into your very pretty space. Great bench too!!

  3. Very cute vignette, Carrie! I love that bench, too, and that neat chair with the check cushions. This is a great look, and I'm proud of you for growing things. Mrs. Magpie has a brown thumb. ;-)



  4. I have a bench very much like that only it is not vintage. My son made it in school. Your inspiring window garden has me wanting one too. Stopping by from the Creative Bloggers party and hop. Have a great week.

  5. Just found your blog through Pinterest. Love it! I would totally do this in front of our big picture window, but I'd be afraid the cats would knock down the plants, or worse yet - eat them.

  6. Yup. Totally cute!!

    Something 2 Write About

  7. I am out to find me a little bench like that.....what a cute idea.


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