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Keeping up with technology these days can be quite a challenge. It seems that I'm always a step ahead, or is that behind? Each time I step out and get the latest gadget, a new version comes out mere months later ie: apple I pad, got it for my birthday when it first came out, now I'm the only one in my family who doesn't have a 2. Same thing with my I phone, finally decide to get a 4 and then the 4s comes out. 

I know it's impossible to ever have the latest, especially with my much loved Apple products. Fortunately, they make such great products that minus a few minor features they still function great year after year. I'm currently debating on a new MacBook pro with retina display to replace my MacBook Pro purchased in 2006. In fact I just took my current MacBook Pro in today for some refreshing to help it run the best it can, and boy am I happy I did...so much better now. Gotta love the Genius Bar. The only problem I'm facing is do I want to be the first on the bandwagon, or do I want to wait awhile to make sure something better isn't around the corner. That retina display is so amazing, blog type is amazingly clear, and photos, as long as they are already very good quality they are amazing too. It may take a little while for apps to catch up and support the resolutions this display offers, but there is no doubt that this is a giant improvement over all other displays.

Oh my, I could go on and on about this subject. I would really love to hear your thoughts. Are you a Mac user? Will you be making the upgrade?

Speaking of technology, I'm probably far behind on this one...but I'm happy to say this is my first post using my I phone. This is definitely going to be a game changer for me. I'm so excited, no more excuses about not being near my computer, except of course when major photo editing is required.

So, how are you keeping up with technology? Or do you even try?

{ peace, love & hugs }

P.S. I'm nervous about posting this wondering how it will look....here goes....
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  1. It looks great! I am on the other end...no I do not try to keep up. I do not have any of the latest gadgets. I'm trying to remain living a simple life with technology. I sometimes want to throw it all in. If the world didn't run on technology, I probably would. It all costs so much. We just can't afford it. Thankfully my children get jobs as soon as they are old enough so that they can buy their own phones, pads, computers, etc. I have a blackberry, a toshiba laptop, and canon powershot camera...they all work for me. I haven't even updated to the new blogger interface. I just don't want to learn something new.

  2. Once you go Mac you never go back : o ) I have been using Apple products for the past six years and am hooked. I use the Ipad and my Ipod in my classroom and the Mac desktop at home. Love!!

  3. I keep up with technology by chatting with my four year old grand daughter...she totally gets the iphone and her camera...I continue to be amazed..and think their fingers are just different!

  4. It's okay, I'm Wilma Flintstone. I live without a cell phone and I'm doing just fine. I actually like not having to check what some people consider to be alifeline every five minutes.


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