{ help me! }

It's 12:00am, and I'm still awake.

There's something here with me, I can feel it.

It's pulling, and pulling....

It wants me to know it's there.

It's dark...

I think it's evil.

It's upstairs.

I think it's in the kitchen.

Oh my goodness.

There it goes again, it's calling me.

It's telling me I must partake of what it has to offer.

I, I can't...

No...I'm a good girl.

I really can't.

Why won't it go away?

I wish It would just go away.

It's dark, but it wears a cloak of white to try and fool me.

It's hiding in my kitchen....

waiting for me.

I can hear it....

It tells me that it's good and sweet.

it's scratching at it's box, whispering...

eat me I'm so yummy and delicious.

I'm chocolate, and I have cream cheese icing.

"Be damned you stinking birthday cake,

Leave me....leave me alone I say.

It's midnight,

and I'm good I told you."


It's after midnight,

and I've succumbed

to the evil that is

Black Cow.

h e l p

m e


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  1. LOL Carrie ~ love this post:) Hope it was as yummy as I imagine!! Sleep tight ~ Tina x

  2. do i need to call the authorities???

  3. He he he. Yes, I've been dieting for 2 weeks and had such a frustrating day (with my printer) that I made pancakes for dinner! But I've been exercising!!! :) Love your shapely poem. ;)

  4. Uh oh - sweets are evil, I tell ya!

    I must go forget your post now. I've been off sweets for 3 days and it's made me a bit grumpy!

  5. hilarious!
    i just downed black licorice toffees...so so black...like my heart...!

  6. Too funny! Just found your blog and I just love the name! I too love all things vintage. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong time!

  7. I cracked up reading this entry. You have a splendid blog. I look forward to reading more.


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